Australian Story: Oct 17

Next week’s Australian Story could get controversial again with┬áthe first of a two-parter on the notorious case of Jeffrey Gilham, in jail for life for the frenzied murders of his own parents.

This is also the case that was recently featured in the Nine telemovie Blood Brothers.

Gilham’s uncle, Tony Gilham, campaigned for more than a decade to put his nephew behind bars, and he’s convinced justice has been done.

In Sydney next month, an appeal will be heard against both his conviction and his sentence.

Both sides of the divided family have spoken with Australian Story.

But Jeffrey Gilham’s wife and supporters are speaking publicly for the first time.

8pm Monday on ABC1.


  1. Helen Douglas

    Will not be watching Australian Story again. I considered it a programme about remarkable people or remarkable feats. Not a forum for advocates. The story from Perth about the three youths who admitted hitting another with a tyre lever was bad, the bias report about the dad who drowned his three kids was shocking. And now this. Watching SBS Mondays at 8.

  2. Frankly I can’t quite remember such a one-sided slant to a program. Why such an emphasis on the family and friends of the convicted killer and why so little examination of the actual empirical evidence. And yes whilst the Uncle doesn’t come across as a very sympathetic figure surely there might have been room for a little more of a contribution from his side of the debate…

  3. I find it absolutely unbelievable that AusStory can run such a one sided story Before this guy goes to apeal his verdict…….please explain urselves.

  4. Cat in the Hat

    I won’t be watching. I can’t trust Australian Story after the biased piece they did on the father who drowned his three sons in a dam.

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