1. Foreverwaiting

    I have given up on Channel 7 FastTracking Any show from the US anymore, if the other channels can do it why can’t they.

    Just how many times can we watch re-hashed reality shows, repeats of repeats etc etc.

    It’s about time they realised that we can watch it Online and on our TV’s these days.

    Sorry Channel 7 you have lost me as a viewer.

  2. @craig

    i never said i was against them fasttracking, i was just stating the obvious – that fasttracking is unlikely for the reasons i stated. and i think your wrong when you say viewers won’t return to Bones and Castle, not everyone cares if the show is fasttracked nor does everyone have access to large internet quotas.

    i also agree with the other comments about not relying on Seven, wasn’t too pleased with their treatment of the show this year.

  3. @bonesaholic – I just want to know what happens next after the huge cliffhanger, without getting too many spoilers online for the next 3 months.

    @Kev – the promo makes it look worse than it is. But I hope Fonzie isn’t strapping on those water skis…

  4. @Katherine: yeah, they are. They put together the ‘lovey’ bits from the whole 6 seasons. There’s no new footage in this.

    @Charly: it looks fantastic! Not too soppy at all.

    @Craig: You got that in one – I sure won’t be hanging around till next year waiting for Channel 7. Firstly, because it’s a split season (screening 6 eps now, and then 7 or so from April) and we can’t be sure what 7 will choose to do. And secondly, given they screened some season 6 eps out of order, I don’t trust them, or their excessively spoiled trailers with any show anymore.

  5. @alvar – I’m sure loads of fans won’t be waiting around up to 3 months for Seven to show them in late January, same goes for the likes of Castle and the final season of Desperate Housewives.

    I’m loving the fact House is on Fridays less than a week after the US, same goes for Terra Nova and a few other shows on TEN. Seven is getting too cocky in it’s programing, taking the viewers for granted and just like has happened with Nine it will end when viewers wake up to the fact.

    One of the few show being somewhat fast tracked on Seven is Parenthood, now in it’s 3rd season.

  6. The other promos I have seen make it look like its going to be a great season. Remember these promos are made by the networks publicity department and not the writers. I doubt the actual show will be as soppy. I would put money on channel seven holding off on showing it until next year. The repeats rate too well.

  7. This is the ninth – or perhaps tenth – Season 7 promo that Fox has released. There’s a feeling that it was done to ‘ease the concern’ that fans had about the status of Booth and Brennan’s relationship, given the content of the actual Season 7 teasers they have been showing for the last couple of months.

    Perhaps you could show some of those, David.

  8. @craig

    Unlikely given:

    1 there are fewer eps in this season so seven are prob keen to save for next year
    2 there are only 3 weeks left of ratings to show it, seven never airs new eps into summer
    3 repeats are managing
    4 seven have already won the year without having to turn to fasttracking. They even took rafters off air for that reason.

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