Stargazing Live beats TEN, Nine. MKR tops Tuesday.

Ratings: Brian Cox & Julia Zemiro do the heavy lifting after Todd Sampson. Sunrise has a victory from the USA.

ABC’s first of three Stargazing Live events drew an audience of 585,000 last night, enough to land in front of TEN & Nine offerings, so a fairly good result.

The windswept show had to do some heavy lifting after the low lead-in from Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line. At 328,000 it had improved on last week, but is still under-performing in its timeslot.

MKR was untouched, at 1.3m viewers it was up on last Tuesday’s 1.24m. The Big Bang Theory pulled 755,000 for its second episode but Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics could not move TEN out of 5th, still trailing Great Continental Railway Journeys.

Travel Guides UK edition was well down on the Australian adaptation, behind NCIS.

There was good news for Sunrise with a San Fransisco edition outranking Today at Burleigh Heads.

Seven network won Tuesday with 32.7% then Nine 25.6%, TEN 17.6%, ABC 16.6% and SBS 7.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.3m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.06m / 1.02m), Home and Away (780,000), The Chase (644,000 / 381,000) and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The last ever episode of Bones drew just 212,000.

Nine News (1.04m / 1.03m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (917,000), The Big Bang Theory (755,000 / 692,000), Hot Seat (498,000 / 314,000) and Travel Guides UK (416,000). Movie: We’re the Millers was just 185,000.

The Project (558,000 / 336,000) was best for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (527,000), NCIS (432,000), NCIS: Los Angeles (371,000), Family Feud (358,000) and Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics (322,000).

ABC News (746,000), Stargazing Live (585,000), 7:30 (506,000), Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line (328,000), Pointless (247,000) and Foreign Correspondent (235,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Great Continental Railway Journeys (396,000), Insight (292,000), SBS World News (136,000) and Dateline (133,000) made up the night for SBS.

Peppa Pig ruled multichannels again with 211,000.

Sunrise: 336,000
Today: 291,000
ABC News Breakfast: 120,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 4 April 2016.

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  1. NCIS was good last night and I managed to pick up quite early who ellie’s new boyfriend was. Stayed up last night for the last episode of bones. Thought it was a bit anticlimactic but I get how they tried to end the series.

  2. What an outstanding episode of Wentworth. The fight scene involving Pamela Rabe – what a brilliant talent she is!!!
    I thought the show would struggle without Bea, but looks like they will do just fine without her.

    1. what else can they do? They have to fill that slot left my TBL at short notice. MC should be on after Easter. It is non ratings now as well. Not much left for them for 2 weeks or so.

  3. Sadly, I thought Stargazing Live was fairly shambolic. And being ‘live television’ has little to do with it. And that follow-up program on ABC2 was worse. It will be interesting to see how many viewers are back for round 2.

    1. It was challenged by the elements certainly. But I also felt like some of the storytelling was talking down to me, and wondered if I had stumbled onto the kid’s edition. Personally I don’t feel a need for a second or third night.

      1. We made a similar observation. The show felt geared towards kids and I commented when watching that an earlier timeslot would work better to capitalise on this. Personally I found it slightly boring and thought Zamiro and Cox didn’t gel at all. Having said that I’m glad it rated well and it did a great job considering the disastrous lead in supplied by that ego maniac Sampson.

        1. Agree with the above comments about Stargazing Live.
          Yes, did seem a bit disjointed and certainly didn’t live up to the concept. Agree there was no chemistry at all between Julia and Prof Cox. But was interesting in parts and there were some stunning images of constellations and the night sky, (though I could have seen these on the website).
          Maybe will improve tonight..

        1. I’ve said this previously on another post but it really seems silly to have the chefs line simulcast when it really should have a later screening on the food network. I enjoyed the second episode and who would have thought the home cooks would be 2 nil this week. Whilst its been interesting seeing them do a cuisine I’m not overly familiar with I look forward to see what they can do with something I am familiar with.

        2. The time slot was fine for me…was ok viewing…but certainly very Masterchef…I like all the chefs involved…I feel many viewers would not really understand a restaurant Chefs line…
          My one criticism…too short….felt all elements from cooking to judging were not expanded enough

          1. It definitely doesn’t need to be longer. There are many options for food related reality shows that go way too long. Its a point of difference to have one that is short and too the point.

  4. Good to see an ABC prime-time show performing a bit better.

    Big Bang past its use by date.

    Ten did a little better with The Project + NCIS, still doing awful at 7:30pm!

    Seven had a big win thanks to MKR’s creaming of the competition.

    1. Eh? Stargazing Live (585,000), 7:30 (506,000), Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line (328,000)
      verses Monday – Australian Story (716,000) 4 Corners (708,000)
      Nine would be quite OK with TBBT at 755,000 beating away NCIS 432,000 and 7:30 at 506,00.
      The Project at 558,000 was actually a drop from Monday’s 573,000.

    2. Strange set of comments.

      ABC ratings were lower than normal.
      Big Bang rates 8th and 10th for night and is second in the key demographics.
      Without any other reality TV competition, MKR’s ratings barely increased.

  5. ‘We’re The Millers’ has been on several times before, including a couple of weeks ago, and finished near midnight-no surprise it rated poorly.
    ‘Great Continental Railway…’ is a gem that would probably draw double the audience if shown on one of the big networks.

  6. Left on Travel Guides while doing some work – it was positively dreadful compared to ours. Nine promoted the show as different families, no mention of it being the UK version in promotions. No doubt many would have tuned in and then out within moments – would love to see the minute-by-minute ratings for it – would look like a slippery slide.

    Then later – some decent TV to make up for it: Wentworth. Wow!

    1. I did like Wentworth but thought during the show they were trying to fit too much into the single episode. Obviously set it up nicely for the rest of the series and plenty to work with from here.

    1. Seriously, this ^.

      Without rehashing all the (justified) criticism above, Greg Quicke was the surprise standout on the show – naturally personal and knowledgeable with a great gift for presenting the subject in an engaging way without disappearing into the esoteric.

      Seriously ABC, sign him up for his own monthly series!

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