Killing Time launch

TV1’s (very) long-awaited crime miniseries Killing Time had its official launch at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image last night.

Star David Wenham was unable to attend due to rehearsals and sent his best wishes via video.

But the buzz amongst the crowd was all about actor Richard Cawthorne (Rush, East West 101, The Pacific, Noise) as Dennis Allen. His performance is definitely one to watch.

In attendance last night were TV1 boss Peter Hudson, FremantleMedia producer Jason Stephens, Diana Glenn, Vince Colosimo, Colin Friels and Louise Crawford.

As luck would have it, the series premieres on TV1 a day before the closing date for AACTA nominations, the former AFI Awards.


  1. The music in the advertisements has put me right off its bloody awful and looks like another bunch of amateurs in this show. Wish we had decent scriptwriters send them to UK to learn the trade same goes for actors.

  2. Wenham probably couldn’t make it as this was a long awaited show – from Feb 2010?? I’m guessing he just got sick of waiting for it to go to air and moved on…

  3. yes jmgirl how dare he get more work and proceed with his career he should fire his manager for getting him work that conflicted with a screening poor form indeed great reason not to watch the series

  4. @Daedelus – he was out of state. He couldn’t do one night back in Melbourne for the show he’s in virtually every frame of? Come on. That’s poor form on his part or bad management on someone else’s part, isn’t it?

  5. Not really, jmgirl. David Wenham was out of state working on another production. He did what any professional would do. He chose to meet his obligations and not let down his current co-workers and producers. He sent his support to the “Killing Time” premiere in the form of a video greeting.

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