Shane Connor cast in Wentworth

One of the more interesting casting inclusions in the upcoming season of Wentworth is former Neighbours star Shane Connor.

Connor played Joe Scully on the TEN soap from 1999 – 2003 until he was fired by producers. A nasty lawsuit followed which tarnished the squeaky-clean image of the show. Connor successfully sued Grundy Television for $230,000.

Grundy was later bought out by Pearson Television which became FremantleMedia who produce Wentworth. Any mutual bitterness was doubtless buried when he appeared in 2010’s Killing Time.

Connor, who has a minor recurring role as partner of Leah Purcell’s character, was last seen in Nine’s House Husbands.

Wentworth returns 8:30pm Tuesday on Showcase.


  1. Interesting casting as he played the original Rita Conners ( Glenda Linscott ) brother in Prisoner and now the partner of Rita Conners.

  2. That’s certainly an interesting development, but I guess we won’t be seeing a Scully reunion any time soon, especially if Connor is still bitter about the ordeal and with Carla Bonner having departed recently. I doubt Valance would return (isn’t she married to a billionaire now?), Bunyan has moved on to the U.S., and the younger daughter (her name escapes me) seems to have moved on from acting, and I can only assume has reverted to a low-key life of Jane citizenry.

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