My Family: Melbourne Identity

An Aussie backpacker from Altona invades the home of Ben and Susan this week.

There’s a pretty funny episode of My Family on ABC1 this Friday night in which Ben Uttley plays an Aussie backpacker (from Altona, no less!) who invades the home of Ben and Susan.

Uttley was born in the UK but worked in Australia. he has previously appeared in Spooks, Holby City, and Hollyoaks. His accent here is bit strine, but it’s pretty bloody convincing, and doesn’t fall into that trap that the Americans always do of sounding like something Cockney.

Ben and Susan are enjoying the peace and quiet of having the house all to themselves, but this is soon ruined by an Australian Backpacker called Craig, who turns up at the Harper’s doorstep, on a mission to follow his list…

Susan immediately invites him into the house, and he starts doing the jobs that Ben’s always put off, much to Ben’s annoyance, who just wants the house to himself and Susan!

Things soon take a rather sinister twist for Ben when he realises that Craig maybe his son, after a night of ‘fun’ with his Mother. Worse still, after coming out to Susan with the truth, it transpires that his brief fling happened when he and Susan were dating!

However, Craig has caught Janey’s eye, and the two soon embark on a date, much to Ben’s horror… will a DNA test bring a new son into the Harper family, or will there be relief all-round?

8pm Friday on ABC1.

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