Airdate: The Escape Artist

In this UK drama David Tennant stars as a brilliant lawyer, adept at getting the guilty off the hook.

2014-03-09_2028Next week SBS premieres the 3 part UK drama The Escape Artist starring David Tennant as a brilliant lawyer, adept at getting the guilty off the hook.

But not everything goes as planned for him.

Created by David Wolstencroft (Spooks), this also stars Ashley Jensen and Sophie Okonedo.

Chilling and tense, The Escape Artist is a legal thriller which delves into the grey area between the law and justice.
In this three-part series, David Tennant stars as Will Burton, a junior criminal defence lawyer who specialises in getting people out of tight legal corners, a Houdini of the courtroom. Will is in high demand and has never lost a case. With a loving young family and a promotion to Queen‘s Counsel in his sights, everything is on the up.

But when his talents acquit the notorious prime suspect in a horrific murder trial through a clever legal loophole, that brilliance comes back to bite him with unexpected and shocking results.

Episode One:
Will’s case sees him defending Liam Foyle (Toby Kebbell) who is on trial for the brutal torture and murder of a young woman. Despite the overwhelming evidence against Foyle, Will cannot help but be brilliant and gets him off on a technicality. However, Will questions the morality of what he has done, and fails to shake Foyle’s hand at the end of the trial. For the first time in his career, Will’s work dangerously creeps into his personal life as Foyle begins stalking his wife and young son.

Thursday, 20 March at 9.35pm on SBS ONE.

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  1. You know, if people stopped watching shows about lawyers, they’d stop making them. But as it is, like police procedurals, these shows are fidning their audiences- and quite a few people, so it seems.

  2. Dammit, I thought that was Rupert Penry-Jones and this was to advise the return of “Silk”. However, this sounds good so will watch as am currently watching Rectify in that timeslot which finished this week.

  3. In the last decade there has been a move to main characters that are ‘bad guys’: Dexter, Breaking Bad et al.
    Very rarely do these shows appeal to me, I guess I find it hard to like a character who so clearly is doing wrong.

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