NBC to remake Wiseguy

Here’s a show I barely remember, but NBC have decided it’s ripe for a remake: Wiseguy.

Produced by Stephen J. Cannell and starring Ken Wahl, it ran for four seasons from 1987 to 1990. Wahl played Vincent “Vinnie” Terranova (!), a disgraced former cop who, while serving time in prison, cuts a deal to work undercover for time off his sentence. He gets to work for the Organized Crime Bureau.

Sounds a bit like White Collar? Breakout Kings? Think so…

As you can see, the original series even included a younger Kevin Spacey.

But NBC has given a script committment to a reboot, written by Alex Cary (Homeland, The Riches, In Plain Sight, Lie to Me).

Despite abject failures in the remake department such as Charlie’s Angels, US networks have fared better with Hawaii Five-0.

CBS’ is also remaking Bewitched and the CW plans a contemporary version of the 1980s drama Beauty And The Beast.

Source: Deadline


  1. @Michael, yeah, I was confused by that line as well. Vinnie was sent to prison as a way to set up his credentials as a criminal, so as to make him more believable as an undercover infiltrator. He was definitely a cop prior to going to prison, not the other way round.

  2. Michael Sacal

    “while serving time in prison, cuts a deal to work undercover for time off his sentence. He gets to work for the Organized Crime Bureau.”

    Where do you get your infromation from, dude? Vinnie went to jail as part of his cover, he was a cop before he went in.

  3. I loved Wiseguy back in the day, and I particularly loved the season long story arc which I’d never seen before in a series. I think it could work again with the right casting, but on NBC it’s doomed to fail, sadly.

  4. I was devoted to this show back in the late ’80’s, never missed it. The Kevin Spacey storyline where he was in love with his sister was fantastic and I really loved the late Ray Sharkey in his star turn as well. Ken Wahl was great, whatever happened to him? I’m not a fan of remakes, but hopefully, they’ll pull this one off.

  5. What a great show this was! Suspense every Week. Jonathan Banks form Breaking Bad as his Handler. Spacey, brilliant as Mel Profit and Joan Severance as his sister, a knockout. But I digress. The plot kept you on the edge of your seat, wondering if and when his guise would be uncovered. If it’s done right, it could be good

  6. I do not want beauty and the beast remade its one of my all time favorite shows.I brought all the dvds from the us when they came out and I still loved it. How can anyone play Vincent like Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton was so beautiful as Catherine.

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