QANTAS shutdown to hit TV plans

The sudden shutdown of QANTAS is bound to have an immediate impact on television plans, with stars and execs likely to have been caught up right around the country.

Get ready for a long list of guests and presenters to be replaced in programmes this week as a result.

Those who aren’t in Melbourne already for the Melbourne Cup may struggle to make it in time.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley have have to extend her Melbourne stay if she can’t make it back to Sydney. Big names for the Cup, some of whom have extra engagements including for The Project, may miss out. Will George Negus make it to the desk for Monday?

Sunrise is due to broadcast from Flemington on Tuesday -fortunately Jetstar is their sponsor.

US actors Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) and Colin Ferguson (Eureka) were flying to Melbourne from Sydney last night for a one-day fan convention today. Luckily for them they already had tickets booked on Virgin.

Industry heavyweights including Sigrid Thornton and film producer Gillian Armstrong are due to join a forum at Parliament House on Wednesday to discuss a government review of local content. Who knows who will make it (including the politicians)?

X Factor judges Ronan Keating and Mel B were in Melbourne yesterday for Derby Day -but due in Sydney tomorrow for another live show.

Production shoots will also have been thrown into disarray.

If it dares to drag into next week then there is a planned Prisoner reunion that will be hit.

And that’s just for starters…


  1. ABC News 24 deserves some type of award or something.

    They’re still going. 😛

    Their reporters, staff and coverage have been absolutely brilliant.

  2. @Anne,

    Mr Fry made alternate travel arrangements and flew virgin to brisvegas. I chatted with him for ages minutes as we boarded the plane and found him to be just like his on air persona.

  3. Its not really the union or the companys fault. We get first world wages but are wanting third world airfairs,TVs ,clothes etc. The company is losing market share and the union is losing jobs. It is us, the greedy consumer that is causing the problem. We are the lucky nation but we have become a spoilt ugly nation. loving ABC news 24 for the big news stories now.

  4. I just want to see the Sunrise team rock up Monday morning having had to Carshare for 20 hours to get from Sydney to Melbourne.

    How chipper could they possibly be after doing that. That’s when we’ll see the rubber really meeting the road.

    Shame they found a flight.

  5. Kudos to ABCNews24 for thier coverage – after all the justified criticism from Media Watch on thier coverage of stories, they have really come to the party. It is about time the ABC use the channel for this sort of thing and keep the rolling coverage. Channel 9 has also been very good.

  6. @Craig

    I have to agree with Dave… Nine’s coverage wasn’t that flash hot either. Sure they had reporter Simon at Mascot because he actually invited to the press conference but as for Tracey Vo, she got there before her film crew could get set up so she was on the phone at first.

    As was Dick Smith which was hilarious.

  7. Sorry David. I am being an a*se about this. Its all very inconvientient, and I wish people could just sort this stuff out without making the general population pay. I am referring to, of course, the shut down.

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