Ratings brawl between Seven & Nine, TEN & ABC.

While Nine battled with Seven last week, there was a much closer tussle going on between TEN and the ABC.

Australia’s wallabies getting whipped in the Rugby World Cup was the top rating show in Week 43 with 1.78m viewers.

Nine managed five of the top ten shows last week, one better than Seven. Two episodes of The Big Bang Theory scored 1.55m and 1.48m respectively with Nine News (Sunday) on 1.38m and Underbelly: Razor (1.36m). Nine was neck and neck with Seven in the key demos last week.

It was Seven that again won the week with Packed to the Rafters (1.6m) as their top show. It was followed by The X Factor (Tues: 1.43m / Mon: 1.38m), Beauty & the Geek Australia (1.37m), and Seven News (Sunday: 1.24m / weeknights: 1.16m).

But another tussle was taking place last week between TEN and the ABC. While TEN just pipped the public broadcaster in network shares, its primary channel ranked below ABC1.

It was another difficult week for TEN with no shows in the top twenty. NCIS (1.00m) was their only show over the magic million, followed by Junior MasterChef (872,000), NCIS: LA (841,000) and Terra Nova (831,000).

Doc Martin (1.37m) again scored for ABC1 as the #8 show of the week. Next were Gruen Planet (1.11m), Spicks and Specks (1.08m), ABC News (Saturday: 887,000 / weeknights: 862,000), The Slap (856,000) and The Hamster Wheel (828,000).

For SBS the top show was The Lancaster at War (355,000) followed by Coast and Gourmet Farmer (both 325,000), and One Born Every Minute (264,000).

ONE’s FIA Formula One World Championship (369,000) was the top multichannel performer.

In network shares, Seven won the week with 31.3% over Nine (27.0%), TEN (18.7%), ABC (17.6%) and SBS (5.4%).

Seven’s primary channel was 23.1% over Nine (20.3%), ABC1 (13.6%) TEN (13.0%) and SBS1 (4.5%).

7TWO (4.6%) was the top multichannel over GO! (4.2%), 7mate and ELEVEN (both 3.6%), ABC2 and GEM (both 2.5%), ONE (2.1%), SBS2 (0.9%), ABC News 24 (0.8%) and ABC3 (0.6%).

It was a close race in the demos last week with Seven just winning 16-39 and 18-49 with a tie between Nine and Seven in 25-54.

Seven Network took victory every night except Sunday which was won by Nine. The ABC beat both Nine and TEN on Saturday. ABC1 was also the top primary channel for Saturday.

Seven won all cities except Sydney, which fell to Nine.

There are just 5 more weeks in 2011 survey ratings.

NB: Due to OzTAM copyright restrictions on the publication of data, TV Tonight is unable to publish full rankings. Your patience is appreciated until this situation is resolved.


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  1. There is an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald online….time 10.17AM….
    It explains somewhat….to a lay person like me….how the ratings work….and who runs them…..
    I have added a link….if it is allowed in here….not sure….

  2. @A. My Appologies. Sorry. Yes. I mentioned the wrong Murdock. Brain fade on a sunday night Maybe Rupert might know!!! Come on Lachlan…give us an insight into what you want ten to be in the Australian television landscape.

  3. I hope OzTAM and their outdated ratings system get superseded by something more relevant and accurate. The way they are carrying on at the moment makes me think they are dinosaurs of another era. Why would they not want the public to easily access this data through blogs such as TVTonight? Protecting certain interests maybe? Keep up the great work David. I’ll certainly still be reading.

  4. Just wondering if TEN own OzTam. Why are they trying to hide the ratings. Might start up a Facebook page getting people to boycott doing OzTam surveys and explain why. OzTam needs the public to do these surveys but are giving nothing back. Do the people who do these surveys get paid? People power.

  5. Would love to know what Murdoch is thinking. Strategically what is his plan. There is enormous pressure on YTT to be a fast success….with Breakfast being a slow ride. Master chief is getting tired and renovators needing vast changes…knockout just during summer. Can certainly see Simpsons coming back to ten. Ten brand is badly damaged due to 2011. They used to have flagship Performers like idol, big brother, master chief, Late news, or afl. Currently there is no reason to watch ten which is soooooooooooo sad. Nothing to build the network on. It’s going to be a slow ride out of the tunnel without major investment. Shareholders would not want another year like this one in 2012. Murdoch need to do a major media interview to get some confidence in the market place cause currently his name is mud!!! So james…tell us what you are thinking and wanting to achieve!!!

  6. Thanks David, hope the OzTAM thing gets sorted soon, and in your favour!! All the data does is encourage discussion; it’s not the data important to broadcaster’s like the demos etc…

    Side note, I think you’ve got a small error; you have ABC2 twice, I think the last one you mean ABC3 🙂

  7. Murdoch claiming Ten will be a force in 2012 is laughable. He’s shown in the past 6months he is totally clueless. 6:30pm with Negus was doomed from the start, 1.5hr 5pm News bulletin is ridiculous (even as an ardent Sandra Sully fan I have trouble sitting through it), canning the Late News which ranked in Tens top shows when broadcast regularly at 10:30pm and then there’s the fact there has been nothing but repeat after repeat. If Murdoch’s mission is to see the demise of Ten, he’s well and truly succeeding.

  8. Haha as an NBL and sports fan this is great news. What goes around comes around I say. Maybe start showing some solidarity and you may develop a loyal viewer base. Ch 10, us viewers remember how you wedged the first episode of renovators in the middle of the masterchef finale. We also remember how you ditched half the sport on ONE and replaced it with fear factor and other crap. Us NBL fans are still really angry how you delay the games by 3 hours. I could go on all day. So no matter what awesome lineup you reckon you may have in 2012, your reputation is in tatters! I know many won’t be watching just on principle alone. Hope you go broke!

  9. Thanks for Oztam update, hope it’s resolved as I like checking out the shows I watch,without having to go to other sites. As for the ratings well TEN needs to pick up their game, just hope it doesn’t mean loads of changes to programing, like more shows being axed.

  10. Thanks David. I’ll admit it just seems less real without being able to see the figures. But I do look forward to these more now. I hope the situation can be resolved. Although it doesn’t make Ten look any better and I say this even though I love Eleven.

  11. Re publishing ratings: It’s not copyright, it’s licensing. The IceTV High Court case should, finally, have settled that there’s no copyright in a phone book, a TV guide listing or a table of figures like the ratings data (OzTam may still disagree here). But unlike TV guides, the dissemination of TV ratings is restricted, so the licence under which the information is provided can be used to prevent its wholesale publication.

    It’s also stupid though!

  12. And yet again, Ten’s ratings (and shares) are sliding! To the board of Ten (yes, you Murdoch!!!), what are you doing?

    And thanks for clearing it up about the copyright issues and the ratings data 🙂

  13. David could you please clarify…. in paragraph 1 you say the rugby was the week 43 top rating show with 1.78m viewers…in paragraph 3 ..you say Packed to the rafters was the weeks top rating show with 1.6m viewers…are we talking different weeks?

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