SBS scores 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups

FIFA World Cup broadcasts will remain on Free to Air television with SBS securing exclusive rights to the 2018 and 2022 events in Russia and Qatar respectively.

“SBS has a long and proud association with football and with the FIFA World Cup having been the official broadcaster since 1990,” SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said.

“It is our dedication to football and to giving the most comprehensive live and free-to-air television coverage in Australia that cemented our bid.

“SBS has been the spiritual home of football for the last 30 years and this new deal with FIFA ensures that the greatest of all sporting events – the FIFA World Cup, will remain on SBS until at least 2022.”

SBS Head of Sport, Ken Shipp, added, “This is fantastic news for football fans and a great coup for SBS.

“In 2010, SBS broadcast the FIFA World Cup live, free-to-air in SD, HD and 3D; in 11 languages on radio, streamed live online and in cinemas on 3D.

“We can only build on this in future years and expand into new areas including using our World Game app. SBS’s successful bid is also well-deserved acknowledgement of our passion, dedication and football expertise which is unrivalled in Australia.”

SBS is already the exclusive broadcast rights holder to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


  1. @Billy ray valentine: Not quite right, the FIFA contract states they must show the game Live and in full. Channel 9 I remember did delay the news, but they only showed a very small amount of games because they didn’t want to upset the news veiwers too much.

  2. #jonny r: i do remember the 2002 World Cup when Channel 9 bought the rights only to show selected games (aka RWC2011 butcher job..) until SBS stepped in and saved the day.
    Actually I tend to disagree, I think commercial channels still wouldn’t touch it because they don’t want to ruin their NRL/AFL brands during the middle of their season.

  3. bettestreep2008

    This is great news.

    SBS are the best sports network and their World Cup and Tour De France coverage is sensational.

    If they could only bid for the AFL…sigh.

  4. Billy ray valentine

    I remember 2002 on nine, they showed the first half live, then 6pm news for full 30 mins, then showed second half on a 15 min delay. Thank god sbs has it!!

  5. It great that SBS have the right but I wish that they would allow FOX Sports to broadcast the replay games and allow ABC the radio rights. ABC have a far greater reach and will give the event more awareness.

  6. Richard W “The main commercial channels wouldn’t want to touch it.”

    You mean when C9 didnt want to touch the Football World Cup rights back in 2002. Correct my if I’m wrong but didn’t the World Cup Final out-rate Every sports event in Oz that year? Some 2.6million+(metros). Without even Australia being involved. The FIFA World Cup (without Australia participating) S#!^% on the rugby commonwealth cup (when Australia make the semi-finals).

    Your comment should read ‘The main commercial channels would want it more if the games were on in prime-time.” Hey?

  7. If I recall correctly, Blatter strongly favours TV rights going to free-to-air broadcasters. Foxtel may have offered more (?) but SBS always had an advantage in that respect.

    If Australia had won hosting rights for 2022 I’m not sure SBS would have been able to hold onto it, though.

    @Andrew – The World Cup is one of the few things that makes SBS a good amount of money in advertising revenue. Of course they’d go all out to get it again. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t struggling with funding issues outside the once-every-four-years boost of the WC.

  8. soccer is the 'only' FOOTball

    would like the know the fee SBS paid. I believe for the 2010/14 rights they paid $20m for each. I know they made up the $20m (for 2010) in just the gold level sponsorships alone.
    Note:Fox Sports USA acquired the English commentary WC rights for America. Believed to have paid up to $250m for each tournament. That’s $200m more than ESPN paid for the 2010 WC english commentary rights. Add the $600m Telemundo paid for spanish TV rights and that one hell of an increase.

  9. Armchair Analyst

    THis is great news, the home of football on australian tv SBS will continue to give us great footballing moments for a while more to come, absolutely superb news. Although now i can see why they dont have enough money for drama. I think this is a smart and obvious move on SBS’s part. They have said lets focus on what we do best and thats Sport and World News. Lets face it SBS is football, no other network has shown the same passion and commitment to the game as SBS has done. I do as well have my reservations over SBS’s financial future but lets face it i am sure people were wondering that before and SBS is still on air, it will be around by 2022 i know it. Long live SBS and Football together a marriage made in heaven.

  10. The 2010 FIFA World Cup telecast on SBS was by far the benchmark of any Australian Television sports presentation. I am so glad the 2018-2012 rights did not go to either Channel 9, Channel 7 or Foxtel, given what Nine did to the Rugby World Cup, I would be surprised if they were allowed in the building where the bidding took place! I wonder what the looks on the faces of Foxtel executives would be right now?

  11. Secret Squïrrel

    Excellent news. It is a recurring nightmare of mine that Nine would decide to grab this or Le Tour and then treat it with the same casual disregard and contempt that they have displayed over the last year of supposed broadcasts of major sporting events.

  12. This is fantastic news, unlike some other networks I could name *Cough* Nine *Cough* SBS can actually competently broadcast a sporting tournament.

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