Setanta signs UEFA Euro 2012

Setanta Sports has signed the rights to broadcast Europe’s international soccer tournament UEFA Euro 2012.

The event has 16 national teams involved including current World Cup and European teams Spain, England, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and France.

The sports channel, available on Pay TV and web-based platforms, will broadcast all 31 matches, from the opening match to the final, daily highlights package and replays.

Roger Hall, Managing Director of Setanta Sports International, said: “We’re delighted to be the leading broadcast partner with UEFA once again. UEFA Euro 2012 is the second biggest global sporting event of 2012 after the Olympics and Setanta will make sure that soccer fans in Australia see every minute of the action.”

The event gets underway in Poland and Ukraine from June 8th to July 1st 2012.

Setanta will broadcast the final draw live from Kiev on December 3rd.


  1. @ David Wu

    Uhh because playing for your nation represents something more rather than playing for a team who dangles around 30 million dollars in front of your face so you play for them.

  2. Very disappointed. Would thought it would go on Fox Sports and would use a dedicated Channel (Fox Sports 3) as what they did with the recent Rugby World Cup all in stunning HD. For Euro 2012, we get glorious SD not like the Olympics and the AFL, which I am looking forward to.

  3. Can’t believe Fox Sports were outbid by Setanta, but Setanta did a great job broadcasting Euro 2008 & being a soccer fan, I’m willing to pay extra money to get Setanta for a month.

  4. SBS will likely show 8 games like Euro 2008, meaning $15 investment for month of june. Setanta will likely have promo, too bad the picture quality is poor due to signal compression.
    shame on fox sports

  5. Purple Rabbit

    It’s a shame Fox were outbid on this as we won’t get to see it in HD or watch the 2nd match live when 2 games are being played at once.

  6. Bit disappointed with this announcement. It means that we have to pay extra over the normal Fox Sports package – around $15 per month I think. Plus more importantly it means that we will have no HD coverage.

  7. I would love to watch Euro 2012, But I’m going to resist paying Setanta, so hopefully they never get the rights to any major footballing events again.

  8. I thought Setanta would get this as their business model needs a big event in the June/July period its just a shame their will be no HD coverage of the tournament

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