Standing up for Bogans

"There are so many bogans in Australia a show had to be made about them," says Housos Paul Fenech.

Paul Fenech today has thanked current affairs shows that ran a story on his upcoming series Housos recently, including some confusion about whether the show was a comedy or a reality show.

“It was great publicity so thank you to the stooges,” he said.

“But it’s a pity that a joke in Australia can now become a political football.”

The comedy, which is a successor to Swift and Shift Couriers, is set in a housing comission estate with plenty of knockabout characters and Fenech’s trademark style of leaving no sacred cows untouched. ]

But Fenech also stands up for bogans of Australia.

“There are so many bogans in Australia a show had to be made about them,” he says.

“It wasn’t just an idea, the total bogan movement of Australia demanded a show be made about them so I gave it to them.

“For me I like to root for the underdog no matter what.

“I’ve got more friends who are like characters in Housos than further up the chain. A lot of the actors are my friends and some of them are playing characters that are not far from themselves.”

The series also includes all the regulars including Ian Turpie, Angry Anderson, Amanda Keller and Melissa Tkautz.

It starts at the naughty time of 10pm Monday on SBS ONE.

You can read more at The Age.

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  1. I love it when people complain about how truely terrible some people are in regards to tv shows.. To Justin and Shane, go out there and make a show and make a show that everyone likes? WIth that show make it last for longer then 2 season and I bet either of you can’t do it. Paul Fenech has been producing shows and movies for over 10 years now., must obvious that he is doing something right.

  2. I find it sad that anyone could think of Fenech as a true talent. Fat Pizza and the other one that was the same show but not with pizzas, are examples of terrible television. Im sure this will be just as bad and one-note as those steaming piles.

  3. Yeah, because there has never been a show celebrating the bogan culture before…

    Kath And Kim, The Wedge, Big Girls Blouse, We Can Be Heroes, Angry Boys, Eric Bana’s Poida character, Neighbours, Blokesworld, Fat Pizza, The Ronnie Johns Half Hour… all celebrating the worst aspects of Australian culture (and that’s just off the top of my head – I’m sure if I sat down and thought, I could come up with so many more).

    Paul Fenech is second only to Chris Lillie in terms of people who just are not funny to me.

  4. I dont partularly find bogans appealing i just find them Funny at best, because they arent very intelligent. This show will give them a fair go. As state before i will watch it, this will finally bring it back to induvidual characters and their lives.

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