1. “The No. 1 Lady’s Detective Agency” is actually a really good show! I’m getting the DVD because my tele broke and I missed it last night 🙁

  2. Last night I attempted to watch my first junior Masterchef this year. I switched it off after 20 minutes. Couldnt be bothered. Little kids telling us what the pressure points of a dish are…meh wateva kid, peddle your trash elsewhere. Hopefully next years masterchef bombs and we wont have this garbage on every again.

  3. re the non-stellar ratings of Junior MC, as I recall, it did not set the world on fire last year, either, so I think it is tracking about what it was at this time last season. I also think this year viewers are fatigued of the MC format. First we had the interminable (and frankly, boring) MC earlier this year, then following straight on its heels we’ve had The Renovators, which follows the MC template almost to the letter and now, Junior MC. So we’ve had approximately six months of this format for approximiately six nights per week. Really, Ten have been begging for viewer fatigue of their flagship show this year.

  4. I think Jnr MC didn’t do that great last year either IIRC and it’ll probably pick up. Plus I think we need to differentiate between MC and it’s Jnr spin-off. MC is must see TV Jnr is background TV or something to watch if you’re bored. It’s ok but I don’t have to watch it like I do the orginal.

    Wild Boys going under 1m however would be a worry for Seven considering it must be pretty expensive.

    I’d like to see POI do better though it’s an excellent show.

  5. Agree with Bec Grand Design is great even though last nights episode has been on a few times can’t wait til next Thursday 13th when the new season of Grand Design is fast Tracked to the lifestyle channel

  6. Armchair Analyst

    I enjoy watching Wild Boys. I especially like watching it because Zoe Ventura (pictured) is staring in it. She is hot. The show is great to, as for the slip in numbers i wouldnt worry too much well over 900 thousand is still pretty good, yes its not what 7 is used to but still good figures.

  7. @Gary, I think you are right. Today’s reality viewer has evolved to be interested solely in the final 12 or 10 or whatever. Right now, there are too many Junior Masterchef faces and you know it’s not worth watching in case you bond with some, and then they get booted off the show. Maybe they should look at narrowing the field earlier.
    Wild Boys is a joke. Could have been quality, it certainly had the cash, but failed arrogantly thinking Dan MacPherson playing Hugh Jackman and Zoe Ventoura playing wild pioneer woman was going to smash ratings. Wrong. Hire some decent writers!
    Thank god people are waking up to the genius of Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud: love.

  8. I wanted to check out Ringer last night. Unfortunately it started on time whilst Underbelly still had at least ten minutes left before it was to finish. Insert swear word here.

  9. Nice to see Terra Nova still doing good. I’ve all but lost interest in Wild Boys.

    How did the F1 do against Bathurst? With it’s start coming during the V8 presentation. I thought the coverage was okay but have to wonder how much time they spent on the prepared material at the start?

  10. Yes, people want a breakf rom masterchef. There are so many ways you can cook chicken. Plus I’m sick of waiting for the retardedly long scoring process at 8:50 whilst my 8:30 show is delayed. Just because the judges walk slow, do they have to talk slow?

    Wild Boys… really? PLaying dressup and using a gun that isn’t an AK-47 doesn’t make you a cowboy. The dialogue is much too modern for a drama set in the 1800s. Excluding phrases such as “Google it” or “Message me on Facebook” doesn’t make it 1800. I highly suggest the writers of Wild Boys watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wagon Train or…. Any of the myriad of westerns that ruled American TV in the 60s.

  11. great race. but once again it was a rubbish coverage. amateur hour at 7 when it comes to sports. at 1 stage they showed only the pit lane and not any of the race.

  12. Junior Masterchef will pick up. My wife and I will be watching it, so that’s two extra viewers for starters. Cant be bothered watching the weeding out process. Once it gets under way with the top 12, then count us in.

  13. Wild Boys is good – I like it. Unfortunately it is more of a niche drama than what I think Seven were hoping for.

    I think it’s also an indication that I could voluntarily miss the first 20 minutes last night and not feel like I had missed anything important. 😛

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