1.5m watch Three Wishez leave X Factor

Seven is on track for a strong finish for The X Factor if last night’s ratings are any indication.

Some 1.5m viewers tuned in to see who would make the finale, with vocal trio Three Wishez sent packing. The show was well ahead of the competition.

Seven dominated last night with Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.11m), Home and Away (1.04m) and Australia’s Got Amazing Talent (930,000). Parenthood was 500,000.

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.06m followed by Celebrity Apprentice (995,000), ACA (939,000), Two and a Half Men (928,000), The Big Bang Theory (Ep 2: 897,000 /Ep 1: 842,000), Mike and Molly (620,000) and Survivor (408,000).

NCIS: LA in the temporary slot of 8:30pm was 877,000 for TEN with NCIS (795,000), Junior MasterChef (708,000), TEN News at Five (550,000), and The Project (514,000).

At ABC1 it was ABC News (814,000), 7:30 (635,000), Foreign Correspondent (581,000), Dinosaur Stampede (479,000), and United States of Tara (301,000).

A replay of Immigration Nation topped SBS ONE with 254,000 and How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? was 248,000.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith on GO! led multichannels with 311,000.

Seven won Tuesday.

Tuesday 15 November 2011


  1. The z on the end of wishes is a total turn off and as a result I could never pretend to care. As Ell said you don’t come across as ‘cool’ you come off as illiterate.

  2. Moanique in Brisbane

    Johnny Ruffo has the X Factor in abundance. He is an all round entertainer who has improved out of sight since his audition. He is happy, enthusiastic and works hard. I hope he wins

  3. Very disapointed with the final 3 X Factor contestants..

    Survivor is much more juicy!! Its such a great show and 408,000 other people would agree with me!!

  4. Ell- I don’t get your point, they are very talented so it’s irrelevant.

    Sarah H- Altiyan Childs wouldn’t have been the easiest artist to work with. If you can believe the media he has had his own issues. You can’t blame the show for that.

  5. johnny ruffo is perfect for sony/the x factor. cant sing to save his life and will eat up the autotune.

    and x factor has shown they dont care for their winners, look how they treated altiyan..

  6. If Johnny Ruffo wins X Factor then it will be the biggest embarrassment in Australian TV Reality History.

    To last night good to see X Factor do well but like i just said Johnny getting through is an absolute joke!

  7. Maria Magdalena

    Shows you just how mediocre the Australian music appreciation is. Johhny Ruffo cant hold a tune but appeals – 3 Wishez are brilliant, innovative, unique and get voted off.
    @ Beckala: lol – I taped Tara, so still have to watch it – but love that show!

  8. Such a shame Three Wishes did not make the cut. very very cool. Andrew Wishart brilliant voice..don’t think he will win as it is mainly kids voting and would not be record company ideal winner marketing wise. Reece Mastin also great vocal and highly marketable. Johnny Ruffo – nice kid with terrific personality…not much of a singer….could win because of kids vote, not his musicality.

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