ACA: Matthew Newton interview

In its 40th Anniversary week, A Current Affair has an exclusive interview with Matthew Newton.

Tomorrow night A Current Affair has an exclusive interview with Matthew Newton where he discusses his mental illness.

Tracy Grimshaw will interview him more than 12 months after she interviewed his showbiz parents, following his Apprehended Violence Orders and rehab.

She told News Limited, “It is one of the hardest interviews I’ve ever done, very challenging actually and it will be challenging to watch.

“Matthew is mentally ill and Matthew’s mental illness is like a third presence in the room, something I had to be very aware of the whole time I talked to him.”

“The main appeal of finally sitting down and talking is the notion that he can offer up an explanation and he may be forgiven and I think some people will and I think some people won’t.”

Tuesday marks the 40th Anniversary of A Current Affair, although the show was off air for six years from 78-84, and rebranded as Willesee from 84-88.

ACA is currently asking viewers to nominate highlight stories from across the decades, including under hosts Mike Willesee, Jana Wendt, Ray Martin, Mike Munro and Tracy Grimshaw.

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  1. Bugger! I completely failed to watch, as these ‘current affairs’ shows actually tend to induce mental illness with their ankle-high standard of journalism… o what would Jana think? Tracy Grimshaw said doing this interview was “very challenging” and would be “challenging to watch”, which is what people say when assigned tasks putting them in above their heads or merely treading water because no-one else is a better swimmer… like, OMG, drowning is so (catchphrase) “challenging”… especially under the weight of all that dang stigma! Alas, mental illness is most simply recognised as a common chemical imbalance and unfortunately too many people just add more chemicals… And isn’t it amazing how generally uneducated we are as a society, how unarmed with actual facts in regards to ourselves?

  2. Sorry. I was on the other end of a person who was scarily similar to Matthew Newton. The look was scarey. Yes he too had a mental illness, but in the same manner his actions could always be excused – it was never his fault personally.
    It continued for over a decade and as far as I am aware is still happening.
    Never mind the mental condition (as well as physical, in my case) it has left his
    children, now adults, who are trying to carve out normal family lives with no role model.

  3. The first thing I thought of, besides how the interview so much came over as another excusing of this person’s actions, was how the contents of the interview, would have the effect of causing many people watching to view mental illness as something directly associated with gross violence. I know of several people who have had various forms of mental illness, and none except one (who was very seriously ill indeed, and was a woman) has ever been violent towards other people, even during the worst times of their illnesses. This one woman, when at the very worst point of her illness, was violent towards all of the people immediately around her when they tried to help her, including her tall, strong, husband. Somewhat different, possibly, to a strong young man assaulting just a girlfriend. Shame on ACA.

  4. Shame on ACA ! Mathew said “he was ashamed of what he had done” but wouldnt give details so not to embarrass Brooke and Rachel as there are 2 sides 2 every story ! Excuse Me ? Doesnt he mean embarrass himself ? He believes their were 2 sides which makes it ok for what he did to them. ACA were shocking to air this nonsense and then to mention White ribbon at the end. He was happy to discuss his mental illness and his self harm even violence towards other men ! But didnt want to discuss violence on his ex girlfriends (didnt want to embarrass them) Give Me A Break) Tonight he abused Brooke Rachel and every other person living in an abusive relationship not to mention giving mental illness a bad name. Sadly Mathew is not on any road to recovery yet. Blaming mental illness was an easier way out of his bad behaviour. If mental illness caused him to assualt these women well apologise on air to them ! Mathew got a few sympathies and his ex’s were abused again ! Wake up Australia !!! Did anyone notice when Tracy mentioned Drugs it was a rather touchy subject…

  5. Very disappointed in Tracey Grimshaws’ approach to Mathew Newtons’ interview on his mental health condition.Hardly supporting mental health to stand outside of a private(or any other ) psychiatric facility and ask him (Mathew) if he sees himself as ” one of them”. How stigmatising for anyone with any mental illness, whether the same as Mathews’, or with any other mental health disorder.
    Mental illness is like any other illness, it can strike anyone with or without genetic predisposition. Would any reporter use a comment like this in regard to any other physical condition? Probably not.
    Any popular television presentation reinforcing this attitude, as Tracey did in that instance, towards mental disorders, is far more likely to make people hesitate to admit to a mental issue. Rather than seek help from professionals, they may worry that their family, friends and public may see them as “One of them”.

    Interesting to see that at the end of the presentation that only Lifeline and a domestic violence hotline numbers were displayed (very valid ) but not the Mental Health hotline phone number that so much Government money went into being utilised.
    As a mental health worker, watching this program in my tea break, instead of feeling “A Current Affair” was being current , it may have been the 40’s, not the so called present day. Political correctness apparently was omitted in this particular presentation.

  6. I was diagnosed as Bipolar several years ago and with medication have managed to live a much more normal life. Although I was never violent, mainly my illness caused angry outbursts which affected my employment on several occasions. I’m glad Matthew has received treatment, which is ongoing, and I wish only good things for Matthew and his family in the future.

  7. Matthew I remember you and your parents coming to the Hilton many years ago for lunch or dinner and you were all so lovely and very kind to staff, the staff loved you and your sister, My Aunt of 94 took me for a walk when I was visiting her in Wentworthville and stood outside the building where you were receiving help and we both prayed and hoped you were doing ok……Just remember none of us are perfect and we all hope you do well. I am not young as well, but hang in there and do not let the demons or negative thoughts take over…..My dear husband past away suddenly last year and he was very sad as to what was happening to you as he thought you were an amazing actor…..Hold your head up and turn it around and you will help many of us with mental problems…..good luck young man…….XXXXX.

  8. Disappointing ACA. This did nothing for destigmatising mental illness. Highlighting violence as a feature of mental illness and a manic episode angers me as a sufferer of Bipolar Affective Disorder. I did not assault anyone when manic and as a mental health nurse I am well aware the majority of mentally ill people do not ever assault anyone. Yes mania is confusing and sometimes terrifying and mental illness requires long term commitment to treat effectively. Manic Depression is old fashioned terminology which is not used in modern mental health. Did you consult with any mental health advisory bodies for this piece? If the aim was simply catharsis for Matthew maybe the goal was achieved. It is sad that effective treatment is delayed for a variety of reasons and I hope Matthew’s progress continues.

  9. well done Matthew for taking the right steps for a better life.
    no one will ever know what its like till they go through it themselves and im guessing if your anything like me you wouldnt wish it on anyone, i have had depression for many years and with the right advice and support from family, friends and a good doctor you will over come this…..mental illness is real and more and more people sadly are having to deal with it so i say the more people that do take time out to get to know about it the easier it will make life for everyone.

  10. i am currently cringing at Tracey’s interviewing techniques, and am so embarrassed by what she thinks is she is uncoverinng. I feel so ashamed for her. what an absolute sham of an interview. good on Matthew for being so honest and respectful for those people in his life.

  11. After this interview, I know Matthew Newton is ill. He has to take a lot of medication to stay ‘normal’. Supid to ask him to aplogize and to re-assure the father of the woman he may be dating in the future, that he will not harm his daughter! The guy explained how sick he is, it is not his fault he is sick. If he was not sick, he would have a different life.
    Some very stupid question asked, he was brave to let himself be interviewed.

  12. Thank you for your story on Mathew Newton, he described the symptoms of his condition very well and I hope you replay this interview many times. Many people have this condition and are unable to understand what is wrong with them. I wish Mathew all the best in the future. I have this condition and remained undiagnosed until I was 40 yrs old, My poor children grew up in a terribly chaotic home. Thank you for this story.. Janette

  13. it is sad what Matthew had to go through, he clearly has a mental illness which is debilitating for him and others around him. Hopefully he can get back on his feet and revitalise his carreer, also this just goes to show if you are rich (not that iam blaming Matt for that) or have rich and famous parents that you can get adequate treatment for your mental condition whereas if you are not then tough luck. Sad on so many levels.

  14. Wonder if they paid for interview or he is on another of their upcoming shows.
    ACA must have run out of “compare meat,compare fruit,shonky landlords,shonk tenants, new enhanced bras and shapewear.

    Every 3 weeks, rotate story.
    I wonder how both TT and ACAdecide to do similar stories on same night – who calls who ?

  15. I would like to nominate 2008’s third instalment of “How to save money by using home-made cleaning products”. It was a truly inspiring story, and a good one to bring attention to during Spring.

  16. The one thing I would like to see is the night mike w was hosting the show drunk. I remember watching it on the night. It was soooo funny. Mike was giggling and sloring his words It was a classic Bit it appears this show was erased the night it went to air as it has never shown up anywhere again. Hopefully someone has it and can put it on you tube. From memory mike finished up as host very soon after this episode went to air.

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