Airdate: Some Say Love

A new Australian sketch comedy will premiere next week on UKTV.

Some Say Love is a half hour special created by writer / performer Nicola Parry (The Hollowmen, Thank God You’re Here), co-written with Josh Lawson and produced by Freehand.

The blurb on the show is “Some Say Love…rules the world, …is a sport, …is a weapon of mass destruction. Love is all those things and more.”

A beautifully well-observed sketch-comedy about the universal ups and downs of relationships, Some Say Love explores the minutiae that come from living with love and is funny, real and recognisable. Everyone will see himself or herself, their girlfriend or boyfriend, husband, wife, crush, date, affair…Some Say Love is your relationships exposed.

Characters and situations present endless comedic possibilities and Some Say Love has it covered. Lucinda is convinced that she’s fat. No matter what her boyfriend Mark says, she’ll always find a way of accusing him of thinking she’s enormous. Helen wants to spend more time with her husband Charlie, so she decides to learn how to play the ‘playstation’, much to Charlie’s horror. These are just a handful of the characters we will meet on the journey of Some Say Love.

Appearing alongside Parry are Amanda Bishop (At Home with Julia, Penelope K by the Way), Patrick Brammall (Griff the Invisible, The Librarians), Stephen Curry (Cloudstreet, The Secret Life of Us), Toby Truslove (Laid, All Saints), Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers, All Saints), Roz Hammond (The Librarians) and Adam Zwar (Wilfred, Lowdown).

Monday November 21 at 7:00pm UKTV.


  1. Oh well, I guess UKTV like all pay TV drama channels, is legally required to spend 10% of their total program expenditure on funding new eligible (Australian and New Zealand) drama programs! I reckon Mondays on UKTV should be: 6:00pm Coronation Street (PG) 6:30pm Emmerdale (PG) 7:00pm EastEnders (PG) 7:30pm Law & Order: UK (M) 8:30pm Some Say Love (M) 9:00pm The It Crowd (M) 9:30pm QI (M) 10:05pm Come Fly With Me (PG)

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