Airdate: Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?

On Monday night ABC1 premieres a new factual series that unravels the histories of some unassuming Australian homes.

Who lived in your house before you? Where did they come from? And what became of them?

Who’s Been Sleeping In My House? is a new 8-part Australian series presented by archaeologist Adam Ford.

The first home set in Ballarat hides a rich goldmining history and some fascinating details. If you like Who Do You Think You Are? this could be one for you.

From the Western Australian goldfields to the tropics of Queensland, Adam peels back the extraordinary lives of everyday Australians – people who lived, loved, bore children and moved on in the great cycle of life.

As ghosts of the past, family secrets and architectural surprises are revealed, one thing is for certain – the present owners’ relationships with their homes will be changed forever by the startling mysteries and unexpected revelations Adam unearths.

In episode one Adam visits Ashcombe, a home in the heart of Ballarat, Victoria. He discovers how the 19th century dining room, antique bottles and garden path to nowhere are linked to Ballarat’s boom and bust, death in the Victorian goldfields and the power of family.

This is an exciting new series format where the walls really do talk. Beneath the floorboards, between the walls, under the eaves, or somewhere deep down in the garden, the secrets of the past are just waiting to be revealed – because every home has a story to tell.

8pm Monday November 21 ABC1.

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