Celebrity Apprentice tops the night but Seven wins Monday

1.61m viewers watched Julia Morris win Celebrity Apprentice, but it wasn't enough to stop Seven winning Monday night's ratings.

Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice finished on a high with a popular winner in Julia Morris and 1.61m viewers for the Winner Announced moment.

Nine coded the 90 minute show into three titles with OzTAM, a habit it has been doing across the series. The Boardroom was 1.31m viewers and the Challenge was 1.05m. Both Seven and TEN have used similar strategies for finales and events before (keep your eye on The X Factor and Junior Masterchef this week), but it’s been an unusual approach for weekly episodes.

But the success of Celebrity Apprentice was not enough to stop Seven from winning Monday night.

The X Factor averaged 1.45m for its lengthy showing of more than two hours. Next for Seven were Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.11m), Home and Away (1.06m) and Kyle and Jackie O’s Night with the Stars (560,000).

Nine’s other performers included The Big Bang Theory (Ep 1: 1.37m, 1.16m), Nine News (982,000) and A Current Affair (971,000). They are disappointing numbers for ACA given the scoop of a Matthew Newton interview -the show pulled more recently with Geoffrey Edelsten. The Mentalist was 792,000 and CSI: Miami 469,000.

Junior Masterchef (675,000) topped TEN’s list then TEN News at Five (608,000), The Project (599,000), Undercover Boss (594,000), Law and Order: SVU (472,000). Good News World was 165,000.

On ABC1 it was ABC News (951,000), 7:30 (664,000), Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? (594,000), The Hour (474,000) and Miniscule (413,000).

Mythbusters was 228,000 on SBS ONE with Housos on 203,000.

Heartbeat topped multichannels on 314,000.

Seven won the night.

Monday 21 November 2011

13 Responses

  1. Geez! A filler program called, Miniscule, almost placed higher for ABC1 than the excellent, The Hour! Who knew Green Guide letter writers numbered so many?

    I really hope programmers stick it out with The Hour. I actually stayed with ABC1 all night even though I was disappointed Four Corners, Media Watch & Q&A finished so early last week… Note: I stayed with ABC1 from 7pm onwards. 😉

  2. While any network are allowed to code one show into more than one part the ratings will be more of a farce than they already are. If your show is not interesting enough to maintain viewers you can just suck eggs.

  3. Yes, “The Hour” deserved better ratings. It took me a while to get into it, but it’s well worth the effort, so I’d suggest everyone watches next Monday night.

    I guess this puts an end to King Kyle’s hopes of a prime time TV career LOL

  4. @tomothy – check your figures. ABC1: 11.5%; 10: 12.2%. Still not good tho’ but apparently that’s all going to change next year because young Mr Murdoch has a cunning plan…

  5. @JB I agree great numbers for Heartbeat have been a fan of the show for a few years now, wonderful characters and great music.

    I also agree on your comments about TV drama’s not reaching the ratings high but reality and celebrity still rates so high.

  6. 165,000 for good news world…?
    surely renovators is coming back next year if GNW is still on air with those incredibly poor numbers, i get emails every week basically begging people to come to the tapings
    they need to stop with the stubbornness, admit they screwed up (badly) and bring back good news week, at least that was around the 600,000 mark

  7. 1.61 million people watched Celebrity Apprentice. Why? Great tv drama’s fail to even get 700,000, yet Celebrity Apprentice and X-Factor can rate through the roof. Sad.

    Isn’t it remarkable that Heartbeat, 2 decades old, can rate so well and be the #1 show on multichannels.

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