Is Renovators still on TEN’s list?

Yesterday TEN made a presentation to clients around the country via video link, spruiking some of its 2012 highlights including MasterChef, Young Talent Time, Puberty Blues, Offspring, The Biggest Loser and Breakfast.

But absent from the line-up were The Renovators and Junior MasterChef.

TEN announced The Renovators would return during its August Upfronts, but since then interim CEO Lachlan Murdoch has said, “We are in discussions as to whether or not we bring it back and in what form we bring it back.”

In contrast, Junior MasterChef has never been guaranteed of a return but TEN could still consider another spin-off including a Professionals edition, as has been tipped before.

A TEN spokesperson declined to comment on private discussions with its clients.


  1. The show was decent enough but yea it requires major tweaking to get the ratings it deserves. They went so over the top with the prizes and the warehouse, it wasn’t needed at all. Just go back to basics and stop trying to present mutton dressed up as lamb.

    MasterChef Professionals sounds like a great idea.. but strip the format and have it over and done with in a week. Don’t drag it out over 6 weeks like Jnr MC

  2. I agree JB and I will add that Nine beat them to the start with TB starting some weeks before Renovators went to air. Renovation overload maybe. I liked Renovators and thought TB was cra,p but there you go. The kids liked TB.

  3. The Renovators is a good show. Yes it needs a tweak in format. Show more renovating, less of the meaningless challenges, and perhaps scrap the eliminations and swapping properties. But it is far superior to The Block. What hurt The Renovators was what has hurt all of Ten’s shows, and that is the people making Ten’s programming decisions. The initial decision to premiere it in between Masterchef finale was stupid and turned viewers off from the start. Then they didn’t know what timeslot to schedule the show. 8.30 for a few weeks, then 7.30. Ten need to learn stability is what makes shows successful. Their only good rating show now is NCIS cos it’s the only show that has stayed in the same timeslot. Until the last 2 weeks, when they switched it to 9.30. Way to piss people off.

  4. They’ll probably bring it back in a tweaked format e.g. 2-3 nights a week, not 6. I hope it stays axed though, can’t stand these DIY renovation shows

  5. Not surprising. The fact that these two programs were not spruiked to advertisers with the network has pretty much telegraphed that they’ve been dropped from the schedule. Junior MC has run its course, it was a gimmick and the gimmick has been played out as this seasons lacklustre ratings prove. The Renovators was a very good show in terms of the reality property genre, far superior to The Block, but it simply did not find a big enough audience to justify the spend on it.

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