Kerri-Anne: “I sincerely believe I will see you in the future. Thankyou.”

TV veteran Kerri-Anne Kennerley this morning signed off her morning programme after nine years on Nine.

Surrounded by cast, crew, balloons and cake, she told viewers the show had been a joy to make.

“You the audience have stayed with us through a bunch of times. I know I’ve made friends with so many of you. I hope we’ve been a companion to you,” she said.

Nine is replacing Kennerley with new recruit Sonia Kruger in 2012, but she will remain with the network for projects yet to be decided.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve tried to do, the information, the entertainment. We’ve loved it. I sincerely believe I will see you in the future.

She turned to her cast and crew saying, “Thank you people, thank you.”

A highlights series of Kerri-Anne will air over summer but Kennerley has already finished recording new intros.

“And thank you,” she told the audience.


  1. @ Ronnie

    “The fundamental misogyny at Nine means it will never understand the female audience. They badly need a woman in programming.”

    No, the fundamental at Channel Nine is misanthropy (hatred of all things human, both male and female). They do not understand Any audience. They actually need some humans in programming. The present ones seem to be aliens, or robots or zombies. It’s certainly what they’re trying to turn the rest of us into.

  2. Sonia Kruger is totally wrong for Nine. Whoever made these management decisions needs to be accountable for the results next year. If it is a catastrophic mistake (and how could it be otherwise) they should be fired. KAK appealed to her core audience of loyal followers and although those numbers are clearly dwindling Sonia Kruger will not attract the new generation of stay at home mums and anyone else you watches morning tv because she is, let’s face it, an air head. They needed to go with someone much smarter, more appealing and able to sustain a conversation. That’s why the Circle has punched above it’s weight. The fundamental misogyny at Nine means it will never understand the female audience. They badly need a woman in programming.

  3. I don’t think there was any bad blood when she left Ten and let’s face it she had a pretty high asking price on herself (saw reports of around 500k).
    Ten would probably be in a position to offer her a larger sum than Nine would be prepared to pay?
    Neicey gone and no definite on the Morning show yet and she did not say she would see us on another show on Nine, big shortener I would say.

  4. 9 years is a pretty good run, which the show could’ve continued, considering how much money is earned from all the advertorial garbage run on the show and on the similar 7 and 10 morning shows as well, but the show has probably been taking a ratings hit from its 7 and 10 competitors. It wasn’t done live every day, like the 7 and 10 shows are.

  5. Channel 9 showed KAK about as much respect as Kyle Sanidlands shows female journos!
    Shame 9! Tina Sparkles will never be able to compare to the legend that is KAK, and will not hold her own up againist The Circle or The Morning Show.

    Best of Luck to Kerri Anne – Enjoy some time off, have a glass of wine or two – and hopefully we will see you back on our screens soon – and this time treated with the dignity and respect you deserve!

  6. Since her show mostly consisted of paid advertorial crap, which the ABA should ban 7, 9 and 10 from being able to broadcast on their morning shows, there’s not much to miss.

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