Rumour: Logie Hall of Fame

With just days until a TV identity is inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame, Kerri-Anne Kennerley appears to be firming as the front-runner.

TV Tonight hears whispers the enduring doyenne of Australian TV may finally land her very first Logie Award (yes, she has none).

KAK, as she is affectionately known, is an industry survivor, first appearing on our screens at the age of 13 in Brisbane in 1967. Since then she has worked for Nine, TEN, Seven and Foxtel networks, hosting Good Morning Australia, Midday, Kerri-Anne and a game show we’ll try not to recall named Greed.

She’s coaxed Treasurers into dancing the Macarena and competed on Dancing with the Stars. She’s been a Celebrity Apprentice coach and a Sunday Night reporter. And through it all been a thorough professional, making it all seem so effortless.

But last year we watched with heartbreak as her beloved husband John battled after a paralysing accident, with a devoted Kerri-Anne by his side every step of the way. He continues his recovery with every passing week. If he is well enough to attend on Sunday it would make for a truly emotional moment.

Kerri-Anne is one of several leading ladies who have spearheaded a TV Tonight campaign to address a gender imbalance in the Logie Hall of Fame. Last year Noni Hazlehurst was finally inducted and KAK would be an extremely worthy inductee.

TV historian Andrew Mercado recently said, “Considering how few women are in the Hall of Fame, both Kerri-Anne and Denise Drysdale are overdue for recognition. Between them, they have each chalked up more hours of live TV than most blokes – and neither shows any sign of slowing down. Denise has deservedly won two Gold Logies already but it’s a crime that KAK still doesn’t have one,” he said.

Meanwhile you can still cast your vote in the site’s Tip the Logies survey, including a question on the Hall of Fame.

Survey closes 5pm AEST Friday April 21.

Voting requires a valid email.

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  1. carolemorrissey

    When I saw on the Morning Show yesterday that she was going with her husband I thought ah ha I bet she’s being inducted in the Hall of Fame. Definitely overdue & well deserved.

  2. daveinprogress

    If David hears a rumour or tips it, it is highly likely to occur! I blame the Logies narrow mindedness and failure to honour great women in the past for my feeling that as much as KAK should have a Logie and possibly a Gold or Hall of Fame induction, there are other women arguably more deserving – hence my cognitive dissonance. I wasn’t entirely sold on Noni, until seeing how many genres and forms of entertainment that she had excelled in. For me, for pioneer status: Caroline Jones; for longevity and tireless exuberance Denise Drysdale. Yes Kerrie Anne has been around a long time, but not as long as Denise, so it is always apples and oranges and then types of apples and oranges when comparing great women. Jana Wendt as inspiring as Caroline Jones but shorter career but better known? Sigrid Thornton as long a career as Noni and as distinguished, but not as versatile? Rhetorical, but…

  3. KAK deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Whether it is this year or another year, she will be included.

    It’s hard to believe she has never won a logie.

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