More premieres on TEN

Next week TEN continues a number of first-run episodes, despite the second week of summer ratings.

Next week TEN continues a number of first-run episodes, despite the second week of summer ratings.

They include Merlin, It’s a Knockout, Terra Nova, Ringer, Rules of Engagement, Hawaii Five-0, Recruits: Paramedics, Keeping up with the Joneses, Go Girls and Jamie’s Great Britain.

Both Modern Family (rpt) and Rules of Engagement will play 7:30pm / 8pm Mondays and Tuesdays.

Programming info still indicates Law and Order: SVU is a new episode (as online Guides show this week), but is likely to be an error.

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  1. i dont mind this move by Ten but eventually they will show oridinary content again. With the exception of sport summer is a dead time for networks because the ratings season is over.

  2. Thrilled with TEN running more first run content, but unfortunately it is going to run out soon. Ringer only has 2 new episodes left, TerraNova has 2 as well I believe. From th sounds of things, they’re going to be having first run episodes of It’s A Knockout, Merlin and Jamie’s Kitchen to showcase their summer… Big night are Sundays.

    I still can’t believe that they’re trying to bring The Glades to commercial television when it flopped on Foxtel…

  3. Rules of “disengagement” TEN! Australians’ know what they engage themselves in and this not one of them! But i must hand it to you for for 1st runs over repeats. It sounds like Joneses and Paramedics are ratings season run overs. They didn’t get to finish by week 40.

  4. Rules of Engagement has only aired six episodes in the States of the new season and is about to go on hiatus, so at this rate if Ten airs two episodes a week they’ll run out of new eps in three weeks’ time

  5. I have to agree with @Kieran, Rules of Engagement piles on so many double entendre and adianoeta it makes the humour in school yards seem upper class. Please whoever writes this show give us some real humour rather than David Spade being a tool for half and hour.

  6. @ Kieran – speak for yourself, I actually love it and laugh every week. its funnier now than it was at the start, although I can’t ‘connect’ with it but how many people can ‘connect’ with other popular comedies/sitcoms? like so many people can connect with 2.5 Men!

  7. New eps of Hawaii 50 seems strange as 10’s v/o guy Bob Peters announced “new episodes of this show will resume in 2012” at the conclusion of the last ep.

    Interesting move stripping repeats of Offspring 9.30 Monday to Thursday nights.
    Will maybe give those who missed series 1 the opportunity to catch it and whet their appetite for season 2, maybe?

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