Nine wins Wednesday and Gruen wraps on top

Nine won Wednesday night but it was Gruen Planet that finished on top, grabbing third place from TEN.

It was a funny old night on Wednesday. Extended coverage of Obama meant that Seven’s shows were later in some markets. Nine ran a 90 minute Celebrity Apprentice and ABC ended Gruen Planet for the year.

Gruen finished on top with 1.17m viewers as the ABC grabbed third place from TEN once again.

ABC1 took the lead from 8:30pm with Spicks and Specks (1.1m) and The Hamster Wheel (920,000). It’s other shows were ABC News (855,000), 7:30 (649,000), Poh’s Kitchen (572,000) and At the Movies (572,000).

But it was Nine who won Wednesday night, thanks to its volatile episode of Celebrity Apprentice  (Challenge Two: 1.12m / 1.00m). Nine News followed (995,000) then ACA (898,000), Frozen Planet (779,000), Hot Seat (536,000), Prime Suspect (405,000) and Today (328,000).

Several of Seven’s shows were in altered timeslots due to the Obama coverage but the results were Today Tonight (1.03m), Seven News (1.01m), Home and Away (979,000), The One (751,000), Seven News Special (650,000), Criminal Minds (Ep 1: 547,000 / Ep 2: 474,000) and Sunrise(372,000).

Glee was best for TEN on 683,000 followed by Hawaii Five-0 (591,000), TEN News at Five (489,000), The Project (481,000) and NCIS (463,000).

One Born Every Minute (279,000) was best for SBS ONE with Amazon with Bruce Parry (249,000) next.

The Big Bang Theory on GO! topped multichannels on 335,000.

Nine won Wednesday.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

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  1. Congratulations to all at Channel 9 involved with The Celebrity Challenge!! Thoroughly enteraining television!!! I would love to see Pauline Hanson and Deni Hines in more reality programs!!!!

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