Photo finish between ABC and TEN

It was a photo finish in the race that stopped the nation, and in ratings there was another photo finish, not for first place -but for third.

It was a photo finish in the race that stopped the nation, and in ratings there was another photo finish, not for first place -but for third.

Week 45 was a neck and neck battle between the ABC and TEN.

While Network TEN fell over the line by a slim margin (0.4%), the ABC bettered them on four nights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. ABC1 also defeated TEN’s Primary Channel for the week.

TEN will be grateful that ELEVEN is doing good numbers for them.

Meanwhile, even without Packed to the Rafters Seven Network won the week in Total People, but Nine won all three demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

The top performers were the Melbourne Cup (Race: 2.65m, Presentation 1.96m, Mounting Yard 1.68m). Seven scored well with The X Factor (Tues: 1.52m, Mon: 1.23m), Seven News (Sun: 1.26m, Mon-Fri: 1.18m), Australia’s Got Amazing Talent (1.17m), Beauty & the Geek Australia (1.14m), Sunday Night (1.12m) and Today Tonight (1.05m).

Nine’s best was a new Big Bang Theory (1.39m), 60 Minutes (1.35m), Underbelly: Razor (1.27m), Celebrity Apprentice (Challenge: 1.27m, Challenge 2: 1.13m), Frozen Planet (1.07m), The Mentalist (1.04m), and Nine News (Sunday: 1.02m).

Doc Martin was the week’s highest rating drama on 1.38m. ABC1’s other big shows were Gruen Planet (1.07m), Spicks and Specks (1.03m), ABC News (Sat: 1.02m, weeknights: 883,000), The Slap (917,000) and Australian Story (854,000).

NCIS nudged 1.1m viewers as the best for TEN well ahead of the rest: NCIS: LA (857,000), Modern Family (Rpt: 804,000, Tues: 790,000), Junior MasterChef (Sun: 759,000), Recruit: Paramedics (726,000) and Glee (724,000).

Coast was the strongest for SBS ONE on 352,000 followed by Amazon with Bruce Parry (313,000), One Born Every Minute (283,000) and My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita (282,000).

Top show on Mulichannels was The Big Bang Theory on 340,000.

Seven Network won the week with 29.6% over Nine’s 27.2%, TEN’s 19.1%, ABC’s 18.7% and SBS 5.5%.

In Primary Channels Seven was 21.1%, Nine 19.8, ABC1 14.5%, TEN 12.7% and SBS ONE was 4.5%.

7TWO topped Multichannels with 4.5% ahead of GO! 4.3%, ELEVEN 4.0%, 7mate 3.9%, GEM 3.2%, ABC2 2.6%, ONE 2.4%, ABC News 24 and SBS TWO on 0.9% and ABC3 0.7%.

Seven won in all cities except Sydney, which again fell to Nine.

Seven won from Tuesday – Saturday but Nine took out Sunday and Monday.

In addition to their victories over TEN, ABC bettered Nine on Saturday too, with ABC1 as the night’s top rating Primary Channel.

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  1. Question , did Junior Master chef last year air at 7pn or 7.30pm
    Must admit I have avoided it.
    There again, only Ten news at 5pm I want consistently.
    Sunday night lineup is good – Terra Nova & Ringer.
    Tues night with NCIS & NCIS LA is good but there is somthing missing overall.
    7pm , 7.30 timeslot for me is missing – the project not my cup of tea.
    Good News Week, Thank God You’re Here at 7.30 would work, could be I need light entertainment at that time.
    ABc weds night – Spicks & Specks,Gruen is superb
    9 is just a mismash, and you never know what is on.

  2. I note that rage mostly wins the timeslot on Saturday mornings now since VideoHits has left, good one Lachlan! Ten has more to worry about fighting off the ABC than trying to beat off Nine.

  3. david just a couple of quick questions with the ratings if you could be good to answer: how did better homes and gardens rate on friday and how did et and transporter 3 rate on sat night? thank you and keep up the good work! and hope you can get them ratings back up soon..

  4. Re JMC- Venice Beach??? anyone who’s been there in the last 20 years would know its hardly the best place to take kids…medical marijuana dispensaries, scam artists, hookers and a poisoned beach….it’s like doing a JMC challenge in Kings Cross…might be the first entertaining episode of the season!

  5. JMC equals cooking comp fatigue. Ten are stuffed, their credibility is shot. Next years line up doesn’t seem to inspire. Advertisers need to be very careful before commiting dollars to these bozos.

    Underbelly Razor has been very good, better acting, a bit nore of a plot and much less of a titty show. The period setting has helped. Maybe…just maybe ch9 will learn something from this.

    Doc Martin…..whooaaa…..gotta be worth a few bucks for someone…just show it on a sat night to boost the weeks figures….not that difficult is it?

  6. @Ja’Mie , yes its taken a battering the old JMC.Even the USA specials dont appear to be getting the numbers they hoped.Unsure how many episodes are in the states but its Venice Beach tonight and Disneyland tomorrow.
    I personally think viewers are fatigued by the over exposure of the three judges , Larry , Mo and Curly , theve become a bore and too self important in my eyes.
    Im watching the shows but as for next years MS it shall prove an interesting time for the series and Channel 10.

  7. The problem with Ten is all 3 of their channels seem to be younger skewing and so cannibilise each other. At least Seven and Nine have got 3 very different and distinct channels, one older skewing, one middle and one younger skewing. Thats something that Ten should do with their channels.

    @ Guy yes the problem in Sydney is Chris Bath but not only that but also Deal is not as popular as it used to be. Time to replace the presenter and get a new game show for 5.30pm.

  8. Seven are really having a hard time in Sydney especially the News. Something needs to happen. Its not Chris Bath. Personally i don’t have a problem with Seven News Sydney but something is not right because viewers have flocked to Nine for no apparent reason. I don’t think its Chris but something has to change because its getting a joke that Nine is beating her.

    Overall though it shows even though Seven are putting up this mediocre schedule they still beat Nine who are putting everything against them and still not coming up trumps.

  9. Murdoch, I have pointed out a mistake in your speech recently. Here is the revised version.
    “TEN will out-perform (the ABC) in demos from 7pm to 10:30pm.”

    In all seriousness, Nine (primary) under the 20% mark for the week surprisingly. Did good business- some of their shows are doing very well in this multichannel environment, and winning the demos is always very good.
    Seven- unstoppable when it comes to the 55+ demo, and I expect next year to be the same. Nine winning (by a slim margin) the demos while Seven storms home in the older demographic.

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