Reality rules on Thursday

Reality shows Beauty and the Geek, Celebrity Apprentice and ABC's drama The Slap were the winners on Thursday night.

If Wednesday night was a low-ranking night, then Thursday was even lower. This time just three shows cracked the magic million and all three of them were on Seven.

Beauty & the Geek Australia was the top rating show of the night on 1.14m. If it wasn’t for Nine’s reality show, Seven would have owned the early portion of the evening. As it stands Seven News was 1.10m, Today Tonight 1.01m and Home and Away was 914,000. The Amazing Race was third on 697,000 with How I Met Your Mother on 318,000 / 240,000 and Outsourced on 153,000. Sunrise pulled 435,000 over Today‘s 364,000.

Nine News (969,000) was Nine’s best followed by The Big Bang Theory (Ep 2: 939,000, EP 1: 829,000). The Celebrity Apprentice Australia booting Wendell Sailor won its slot with 927,000. Next were ACA 848,000, Unforgettable was second in its slot (783,000), The Mentalist (569,000), and CSI: Miami (304,000). Hot Seat (583,000) beat Deal or No Deal (494,000).

Rescue: Paramedics was TEN’s best on 726,000 followed by Rush (677,000), Keeping up with the Joneses (648,000), The Project (553,000), and Law and Order: SVU (510,000).

The Slap‘s courtroom saga won its slot on 915,000 followed by ABC News on 913,000, Qi (811,000), 7:30 (725,000), and Crownies (669,000).

The premiere of My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita was 276,000 on SBS ONE. Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam was 267,000 and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations was 236,000.

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels on 362,000.  Neighbours was 296,000.

It was a close tussle between Seven and Nine but Seven’s 26.9% share bettered Nine’s 26.5%. TEN was 21.10% over ABC’s 20.0% and SBS was 5.5%.


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  1. @ Jezza

    With The Slap is there really people using (or one of the women at least ) cocaine in the book or TV version or did the Chasers make that up? I wouldn’t be surprised either way. LOL.

  2. I rekon Ten should being back sytycd dance aus in 2013, ask nat is she wants to return as host and put it back to sundays and mondays. Alot has changed in the american version and it’s really good now.

  3. The acting in The Slap is great. The story (ie the book effectively) is awful and totally unrealistic. I have never had the misfortune to meet a bunch of people so screwed up. Each week there is some sort of sexually explicit moment implied, probably a little too early

  4. Obviously you can’t post the Ratings in list format as you did before, for now, but could you possibly update the Week 44, Week 45 etc. pages in the Ratings secion with links to these daily rating updates?

  5. Thursday night has the best Aussie shows. Nicole Da Silva was brilliant on Rush, in yet another great episode for a quality show that’s been given the boot.
    The Slap was great, i thought this one was up there with the first episode. Melissa George is so good in it.
    And that Crownies episode was pretty good too with the case involving the kid.

  6. Pity The Project has had a dip in numbers since moving to 6:30. Hope 10 stick with it, because I enjoy the alternative it brings in the slot against ACA/TT. They need to go back to a news hour, then have something light and laid back on to lead into The Project.

  7. That Aussie Thursday night drama lineup on the ABC is doing great – even the ratings for “Crownies” have improved. Will the ABC make a 2nd series next year? I hope so.
    Ten is just a trainwreck – NCIS is their only program performing adequately, ratings wise.

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