Seven to launch TV4 datacasting

Seven is set to extend datacasting channel TV4, which has been screening branded content in rural areas on Prime Media, into metropolitan markets.

From next month Channel 74 will offer lifestyle, finances, community, education and shopping in a deal with with Brand New Media.

TV4 will be seen in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and in regional Queensland through Seven Queensland.

Commenting, Seven’s Chief Sales and Digital Officer, Kurt Burnette, said: “As Australia’s leading broadcast television platform, we are committed to taking the lead in innovation and are delighted to be in partnership with Brand New Media on this new datacasting service. Seven continues to focus on providing our advertising partners with new ways to engage with our audiences and TV4 on Channel 74 represents a significant new development for our clients and our audiences.”

Brand New Media produces multi-platform content for broadcasters and has offices in Singapore, London, New York and Toronto.


  1. The picture quality is poor because most network use a Windows 2003 box loaded with datacast software and pushing the signal out via an analog video VGA and DVI device

    Over the past few years you can output a HDMI signal to SDI. Which the connection used in most tv stations

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