Seven wins Monday

Monday had Pauline Hanson and Warwick Capper, X Factor bickering and kids in Disneyland, but the night fell to Seven.

Nine’s unique strategy of coding Celebrity Apprentice as two shows again paid dividends last night with the “Challenge” landing 1.35m viewers last night, as the top show for Monday. Its other portion, labelled as “Monday” was 1.09m.

As the unlikely duo of Pauline Hanson and a returned Warwick Capper teamed up for a fashion parade challenge, Jason Coleman’s team lost the challenge. Tonight two from Team Unity will be fired.

Monday again proved to be a tussle with Seven and Nine, this week with Seven taking honours, and the ABC again beating TEN to the finish line. But it was last drinks for several of the public broadcaster’s feature shows.

Seven’s best for the night was The X Factor (1.32m) followed by Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.06m), Body of Proof (1.04m, Rpt: 604,000), Home and Away (1.01m) and Deal or No Deal (515,000).

The Big Bang Theory pulled 1.34m for Nine, Nine News (1.12m), ACA (982,000), The Mentalist (960,000), CSI: Miami (564,000) and Hot Seat (545,000). Today (374,000) also pipped Sunrise (364,000) yesterday.

ABC News (892,000) was best for ABC1 followed by Australian Story (800,000), Q & A (740,000), 7:30 (734,000), Media Watch (702,000), and Four Corners (689,000).

Junior MasterChef‘s Disneyland trip didn’t change the show’s fortunes, but on 661,000 it was TEN’s best for the night. Next was TEN News at Five (571,000), The Project (559,000), Undercover Boss and (505,000). Law and Order: SVU was 343,000 and Good News World 160,000.

Although it didn’t air last night a South Park episode managed 214,000 in preliminary ratings. This would suggest 214,000 were watching between 9 – 9:30pm when Man vs Wild was replayed. Given the show was pulled last week it’s quite an error. Housos was 200,000, with World News Australia (187,000), Kill Arman (which also didn’t air to 165,000) and William Shatner’s Weird or What? (141,000) followed. Skins was 96,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 338,000.

Seven won with 31.4% over Nine 28.4%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 16.7% and SBS 4.8%

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  1. Ten is in complete disarray. David Mott has to take the blame, he’s in charge of programming. Don’t know if he makes all the calls but they have ruined every show they’ve got. Honestly I think they have some of the best shows but they just do all they can to ruin them by switching days/timselots constantly, going overboard with repeats, swapping repeats with new eps, no one can keep track anymore on when their show is on, and if it’s a new ep or repeat. They’re digital channels are the best too, with a lot of first run shows, but Ten are a rabble and don’t know how they’ll get over it.

  2. @Adam

    The problem is TEN needed to have a channel that would directly compete with 7mate, which, ELEVEN does quite well these days. So that’s the young male demographic covered.

    The problem which the main channel is they aren’t attracting the younger female audience. They’ve relied on reality shows i.e MasterChef and Biggest Loser to bring in the women but not much else, many of the scripted shows that could do that have gone to Seven but I think that’s due to their deal with ABC America which owns those shows i.e Castle, Body of Proof, Greys, DH.

    I think TEN’s new strategy in 2012 will be to attract the ‘family’ audience by bringing back YYTT and Knock Out. Although they will need to go a step further since they lost BB to Nine.. perhaps bringing back SYTYCD?? Also their current schedule is full of repeats which isn’t doing any favours, it’s all being saved up for 2012 I suspect.

  3. …and ASTRA wants to introduce a 6th channel licence *rolls eyes* How would it survive seriously.

    Last night again is a fight between Seven and Nine. Nothing is changing except for the fact ABC is creeping up on TEN and now its more a battle for third not first.

  4. @ David

    Ten is missing in the percentage figures i.e. ABC 18.6% , 16.7%, and SBS 4.8%.

    As for the figures I offer no advice but I still love what’s on Eleven between 8.30-10.30pm and it’s a bummer I can’t see the figures here but I know it’s though other people’s shenanigans. I also love the repeats of the ABC shows at that time as well as earlier and later. Because I mainly get to see them.

  5. @ Allie, no Warwick Capper only returned as a one off to help the girls out, as Lisa Curry was unavailable. He wasn’t required in the boardroom after the challenge 🙂

  6. Ch9s ‘unique’ strategy of coding the CA will only fool an idiot. Anyone with half a brain will see through that nonesense. Still it has improved their 7pm slot and given them a platform from which to compete. It is a pity they did not start the year like this.

  7. Ten is in freefall.

    The problem is Seven and Nine are now able to compete with them for their youth target market. Ten should have one of its multi channels aim at the older demographic. What is the difference between Eleven and Ten? One is skewed towards males but would it be better off just targeting older people? They could put pressure on Seven but no they would rather compete with themselves. Seriously.

    It is also not enough to now just put anything on television. People will not tune in unless you offer something. Hours and Hours of Renovators will not work. Junior Masterchef has been a flop. It is only going to get worse.

  8. I didn’t watch CA last night. Why did Warwick Capper return? How was his re-entry into the competition justified? It is not like he is a budding business genius. I thought he had been fired. I absolutely hate this ridiculous strategy of returning eliminated contestants back into realilty shows. It makes a mockery of the whole elimination process.

    Why is Ten persisting with GNW? Those figures are ridiculous, the show is not worth producing.

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