Susan Boyle lifts The X Factor to top Tuesday

The appearance of Susan Boyle on The X Factor helped the show to hit the top of the list on Tuesday night with 1.57m viewers.

Boyle’s debut Australian performance was impressive, with a note-perfect performance followed by a cheeky embrace for Ronan Keating. It was everything we had come to expect of her and drew a standing ovation from the audience.

She sang much better than Michael Bolton who couldn’t hit his notes. A contestant singing flat like that might have been slapped by the judges but he still scored a standing ovation from them.

15 year singer Declan Sykes was eliminated from the show, the first of Guy Sebastian’s young vocalists.

The evening just about all went Seven’s way with Seven News (1.23m), Today Tonight (1.21m) and Australia’s Got Amazing Talent (1.09m) all winning their timeslots. Home and Away was 1.03m and Parenthood was 585,000.

TEN managed second for the night with NCIS (1.07m), Modern Family (Rpt: 814,000 / 790,000), NCIS: LA (813,000), TEN News at Five (557,000) and The Project (513,000).

Nine News (1.08m) was Nine’s best with Celebrity Apprentice (1.04m) winning at 7pm. The Big Bang Theory (924,000 / 823,000), Two and a Half Men (878,000), ACA (827,000), Mike and Molly (584,000), Hot Seat (545,000), Survivor (413,000) and the final Joy of Sets (225,000) followed.

ABC News (883,000) topped ABC1 with 7:30 (637,000), Foreign Correspondent (544,000), Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day (463,000) and United States of Tara (300,000) next.

For SBS it was Breaking into Europe (260,000), Insight (243,000) and World News Australia (Late: 213,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 313,000. American Horror Story went up, to 171,000.

Seven easily took the night with 33.3% over TEN 23.6%, Nine 23.2%, ABC1 13.6% and SBS 6.3%.


  1. Moanique in Brisbane

    @ Ryanco, yes there were 2 eps of Parenthood last night, they were advertising the second ep during the ad breaks of the first ep, that’s the only reason I knew there was another one coming up.

    @ Belinda, yes I think Ricki-Lee was having some sort of sound problem last night. It is hard to know which bits are live and which bits are the backing tape. I’m starting to think there is no such thing as a live performance anymore

    • Did not notice any issue with Ricki Lee’s sound. She sang live over a bed of backing vocals. This is very common, even if it gives the appearance of singing with yourself. It was very clear where the live lead vocal was because it was much stronger. But that shouldn’t be interpreted as a drop-out or error. It is what it is….

  2. Poor JOS , to be honest i really enjoyed last nights show , i laughed my guts out when they showed that Fire Series from Australia , man that was bloody awful.

  3. @bettestreep2008, and that is exactly why Ten are in the positon they are in. What is the point of switching NCIS and NCIS LA? Another meaningless timeslot change, they dump Modern Family. Ten are just stupid and I don’t understand who and why they make these decisions. I tried to do the right thing and reward those networks fastracking by watching them on tv. But i won’t bother now. They can’t show shows on time anyway so because NCIS ran overtime, i missed recording start of American Horror Story, and watching start of Survivor. So i won’t bother with tv and will watch elsewhere.

  4. Why is Andrew Wishart still on there? He may have a good voice but he has no X-Factor … he is on the wrong show … he should be on The Voice! And his performances have always been rather dull and boring compared to the “younger ones” Who on earth is voting for him? Is it a joke?

  5. bettestreep2008

    Ten comes second thanks to NCIS and MF and I believe Murdoch and co have decided to dump them next Tuesday and replace them with Junior MC and NCIS:LA at 8.30pm and repeats of NCIS – Again- at 9.30pm.

    Seems that Murdoch prefers that Ten keeps coming in fourth and that is what will happen next Tuesday if these changes are made.

    I just hope the reports I read were wrong and Ten just keeps the Tuesday line up as is. Well I’d prefer Two new episodes of MF but for some strange reason viewers prefer the repeats.

    The new ep of MF was absolutely brilliant – as always!

  6. I actually have to disagree with you David re. Michael Bolton. I thought he was spot on. Boyle, on the other hand, gave such a safe performance, not one high note to be found – it was yawn factor for me.

  7. American Horror Story is such a good show. I can’t believe it’s wasted on 11, surely it would rate better than some of the other dross that’s being served up on the main channel.

  8. Thanks for letting us know about AMH David..

    You were right a few weeks back.. Jessica Lange steals the show. Oh and then there’s the divine Dylan.. he’s soo fit!

  9. Im disppointed Declan left. He was quirky and funny. Good to see Susan Boyle have a sense of humour about her.

    It was a bonus getting an extra new episode of Parenthood. Another 2 great episodes. Shame it finishes next week.

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