Wild Boys shot down as Nine wins Sunday

Wild Boys' numbers justified the decision by Seven to call it quits, with 60 Minutes topping Sunday.

At 860,000 the final episodes of Wild Boys justified the decision by Seven to call it quits on the colonial drama.

Whether those numbers were down because the network had shown a loss of faith, because it was a double finale, or both, is hard to tell.

But Nine won Sunday with 60 Minutes (1.32m) as the night’s top show, with its other performers Frozen Planet (1.03m), Nine News (989,000), CSI (857,000), Person of Interest (551,000) and Prime Suspect (264,000). Coverage of the President’s Cup averaged 299,000. The last ever Postcards finished with 96,000 in Adelaide.

Sunday Night (1.22m) was best for Seven with Seven News (1.17m) and Castle (594,000).

Junior MasterChef (854,000) was third in its timeslot for TEN. Merlin (776,000), Terra Nova (624,000), TEN News (496,000) and Ringer (270,000) followed.

ABC News (794,000) led ABC1 followed by Restoration Home (745,000), The Night Watch (615,000), Miniscule (363,000) and Compass (216,000).

The Bible: A History (304,000) was best for SBS ONE followed by Kissinger on 146,000.

The Big Bang Theory (347,000) topped multichannels on GO!

Nine won Sunday.

Sunday 20 November 2011

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  1. Wild Boys promised so much and just fell by the wayside with pretty predictable storylines and characters. I did watch all the episodes and they were enjoyable but you know what its no big deal that its gone.

  2. Wild Boys was canned because it wasn’t getting over Seven’s magic million mark plus it was a flop in the demos..

    Jnr MC was doing better in the cash driven demos then Wild Boys in the same time slot.

  3. Wild Boys promised so much in the beginning because it started out being promoted as being fun but sadly turned in to a soapy style drama.

    It had the chance to be a colonial version of A Country Practice.

    It lost me when they dumbed down the fart in the prison cell.

  4. Did Armchair Analyst really just say Daniel Macpherson can act? He was one of the reasons my interest in Wild Boys dropped quickly, soon as I heard they cast him, I knew it wouldn’t be good.
    Like what Craig and Ronnie said, Wild Boys should have been more grittier. Would certainly have fitted the era it was meant to be set in. The pitch was fresh and sounded awesome. But they took it in the wrong direction. Instead it was all too soap opera, the casting was poor. Daniel Macpherson’s character slept the night in the bush, but when he woke up, his face was clean, rosy cheeks, perfectly trimmed beard. Disappointed what Seven did with the show. Had high hopes for it.

  5. Actually 860k over two hours is not such a bad ratings figure. I’m sure Rush would have loved similar numbers (and it would still be with us with those numbers). However, Seven has higher standards when it comes to its drama ratings.

  6. Sad that Wild Boys didn’t take off! It’s a fun show to watch and original. I really thought that audiences would have warmed to a show set in the colonial era…but apparently it wasn’t to be. Congratulations Channel 7 for taking the leap!!!

  7. I’ve said it before, Wild Boys should have been more adult and not the 7:30 show it was.

    Its a shame Terra Nova wasn’t better, but on the upside for fans it looks like TEN will run it out into December, just like they will be doing in the US. And I’m sure Ringer won’t be back on Sunday nights but will TEN play out the eps is has before the US take their break at the end of Nov? They will have 3 more eps to go.

  8. I dont understand why this show was canned. it had a great cast who looked good and could act and a great storyline and the production was good aswell. It was seemed to be getting better numbers, so i dont get this decision. I hope they change their mind. It was one of the very few good period dramas created in Australia.

  9. Nine has made a habit of winning sundays, lately, too bad they cant win the week, 40-0 Seven, now thats what i called impressive

    What shows in 2012, will Nine have that will beat channel 7 for a week. Discounting the olympics of course

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