Adrien joins Young Talent Time

TEN has revealed the first resident cast member for Young Talent Time 2012.

He is fifteen year old Adrien Nookadu from Sydney, who wowed the judges with his vocals and dancing talent. He beat out 30,000 performers who auditioned around the country.

Singing and dancing from the age of six, Nookadu attends a performing arts high school and his idols include Usher, Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. He has also trained with Australia’s Got Talent graduate Timomatic.

He is one of ten regular cast members when Young Talent Time returns to TEN with host Rob Mills.

By the look of this clip, it’s a promising start….


  1. “”But “I get a good feelin” he’s lip sinking. He’s dancing alot more than singing.””

    Of course he’s lip syncing, its a TV commercial, he’s not going to be singing live. I’ve heard Adrien’s voice live and it much better than is portrayed in this promo. He has a smooth and silky vocal style. I honestly can’t fathom why they auto-tuned it so much. Maybe it is to keep a little secrecy going like DanielW suggests. That or whoever signed off on the promo going to air didn’t realise it was way too much auto tune. Probably didn’t need it at all.

  2. This “Auto tune” might be a way of keeping his real talent secret until air-date.

    But “I get a good feelin” he’s lip sinking. He’s dancing alot more than singing. The Auto tune suggests he’s way off and needs a different song.

    Like I said at the top, this might be a way of promoting YTT, without spoiling the final outcomes. BTW the other pomo suggests a 1980’s family is time travelled to 2012. We see Johnny Young in his hay day and then Rob Mills and a YTT group.

  3. If you want to see Adrien sing go to youtube and look at young talent time auditions Sydney day 1 he is a top little singer even thogh it only goes for a few seconds you still get to see a bit

  4. I really hope Channel 10 do the re-make of YTT properly, it is such an iconic TV show that brings back such great memories and would be such a pity to do a poor re-make.

  5. This is great news! I worked with Adrien on the Ch9 series ‘Airtime: Search for the Panjo Allstars’ a few years ago, he is a very talented kid and an absolute sweetheart. Good luck to him on YTT. Will be interesting to see how many more of the cast come from Brent St school though, they tend to be very well represented in shows like Idol and Dance.

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