Airdate: Dakar Rally

SBS screens cars, trucks, motorbikes and quads racing through merciless terrain from Argentina to Peru.

The world’s biggest, hardest and toughest off-road endurance race returns to SBS in January.

From 2 January to 16 January, SBS ONE will broadcast daily highlights of the Dakar Rally, following the cars, trucks, motorbikes and quads as they race through 9,000 kilometres of merciless terrain from Argentina to Peru.

Australia will again have a strong contingent in the bike category, with six competitors including Rod Faggotter, winner of the 2011 Condo 750 off road endurance event, and David Schwarz, who competed in his first Dakar Rally in 2005. In the car category, Australian Geoffrey Olhom will team up with Jon Aston from the UK.

The 2012 Dakar Rally will begin in Argentina, travelling through Chile before finishing in Peru and will be only the fourth time the event has been held in South America. Both amateur and professional drivers take part in Dakar Rally, which sees them navigate particularly tough terrain, including dunes, mud, camel grass rocks and ergs. The mix of physical toughness, technical performance and spectacular backdrop makes the Dakar Rally one of the highlights of the motor sport calendar.

SBS will also provide comprehensive coverage online at www.sbs.com.au/dakar – the official site for the Dakar Rally in this territory. It will feature latest news, video highlights of every stage, full results from all stages and categories, a full competitor list, photo galleries plus official stage profiles and maps.

Begins Monday 2nd January at 5:30pm on SBS ONE.

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  1. It would be great if they extended the daily coverage to 1 hour. The half hour show only focusses on the top 5 or ten and we don’t get to see much of the various classes.
    I doubt this will be the case

  2. because craig……if it rates well, C9 will say “hey that show rated well on sbs, lets raid it like we raided top gear and the tour de france”……and then the 2013 race is on C9 , and it’ll be riddled with ads…..which will suck. I agree, it should remain on sbs – like TDF and TG should have remained.

  3. @Craig & brisvegas – I had the same horrifying thought as soon as I saw the title on the front page!

    The race has only started from Paris twice since 1994, the last in 2001. They’ve got the greatest bike race in the world, surely that’s enough?! Still, I agree that there is something special about the “classic” Dakar route. Now the race is run on a different continent and nobody even thinks about that part of Africa now. Well done terrorists.

  4. Yes its Dakar time again, pity they don’t actually go from Paris to Dakar anymore.

    Isn’t Dakar spelt with one K?

    Given what Nine did with the cycling (and Top Gear) I’m amazed the other channels haven’t tried snapping this one up from SBS.

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