Airdate: I Survived… Stories of Australians

On the anniversary of the devastating Queensland floods, Bio will premiere I Survived… Stories of Australians, its local adaptation of the US documentary series.

It will feature Aussies who have endured headline-making news stories including the Black Saturday bushfires, 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Bali bombing, Port Arthur massacre, Asian tsunami, London terror attacks and more.

In the face of death what would you do to survive?

What gives someone the strength?

Is it courage, adrenalin, inner strength or just plain luck?

These are just some of the questions answered in the new documentary series I Survived… Stories of Australians that will premiere on Wednesday, January 11 at 8.30pm exclusively on Bio.

Imagine being swallowed head first by a five-metre great white shark or being trapped in the jaws of a giant saltwater crocodile for half-an-hour. Across eight episodes, I Survived… will delve into the ‘sliding door’ moments where twists and turns of fate have put people in the wrong place at the wrong time – where, against all odds, they cheated death and lived to tell the tale.

Each one-hour episode will feature three inspirational survival stories from natural disasters to man-made acts of terror and depravity. I Survived… follows the stories of ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things.

In episode one we hear from Tammy Potter who survived a horrifying ordeal when a masked intruder sexually assaulted, abducted and robbed her at knifepoint; Veteran sailors John Stanley and John Gibson who survived a terrifying 29 hours clinging to their shredded life raft in the doomed 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race; and, marking the one year anniversary of the devastating Queensland floods, Edward Spark recounts his miraculous survival against the odds in a national tragedy which claimed the lives of over 35 people.

I Survived… also features stories from Bali bombing survivor Nicole McLean who bravely overcame her horrific injuries following the Paddy’s Bar explosion; Ex-RAAF engineer Peter Crosswell who feigned death and survived Australia’s deadliest shooting massacre at the Broad Arrow Café in Port Arthur; Dianne and Les Boardman who were walking along Phuket’s Patong beach and were swept away when the 2004 tsunami hit and John Tulloch whose bloodied face made headlines after he unknowingly sat three feet away from a suicide bomber in the London terror attacks.

I Survived… Stories of Australians is produced by Graham McNeice Productions, the creators of the hit CI Network series Crime Investigation Australia, exclusively for Bio.

Wednesday, January 11 at 8.30pm on Bio.


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