Cricket Superstar reveals top 15

FOX8’s Cricket Superstar has announced its 15 contestants who will battle it out for a rookie contract for the 2012-13 season.

They also score a four month scholarship at Cricket Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Brisbane.

They are: Justin Avendano (18), Josh Clarke (18), Richard Potter (18) and Jake Scicluna (17) from New South Wales; Sam Brandon (20) andJackson Smith (19) from Queensland; Chris Chellew (21), Jake Fawcett (21) and David Vernon (21) from Western Australia; Mason Crozier (20) and Ian Holland (21) from Victoria; Alex Frick (19), James Moss (22) and Cameron Williams (20) from South Australia; and Ben Cooper (19) from Tasmania.

The 10-part series hosted by Lee Furlong is a successor to Football Superstar and sees 15 young players residing in a state-of-the-art mansion in Brisbane while competing in cricket challenges.

There is even a weekly non-cricket challenge designed to test character, including skydiving, catwalk modelling, rally driving and Bollywood dancing.

Judging are Allan Border and former Australian test cricketer Graham Manou.

Cricket Superstar is a collaboration between North One Television Australia, FOX8 and Cricket Australia.

It will air from FOX8 from Wednesday, January 4 at 7.30pm.


  1. Hey Punter who are ya??? Its funny how you mention he only played in one Test Match because he shudda played the next match too, Haddin was nowhere near fit to participate in the next test, if graham didn’t pick up a hand injury of some sort he would’ve played the next test and a good showing wudda possibly cemented himself a position in the side. He is easily the best keeper in the country and at the time Haddin was letting all those byes through. Its insulting that you even talk shit like this, in fact its embaressing

  2. @Punter

    I think it’s fair enough, Allan Border is easily known well enough that his name is sufficient for everyone to know who he is (and I’m more than a decade under the age you suggested, but rest assured people my age are also very familiar with him). The reason the they refer to Graeme Manou as a former Test player is specifically Because he’s a nobody.

    He’s experienced, and he probably knows the game well, but yeah, he’s not even remotely in the same category as an Alan Border. He’s a surprising choice, given the stable of past cricketers that Foxtel has under contract. My only thought is that they wanted a wicketkeeper amongst the judges, and Ian Healy and Gilly are both contracted to Nine.

  3. Interesting to see how this fares. Also I’m sure most people over 35 know Allan Border as a former Australian Captain and legend of the game but to refer to him as just “Allan Border” and Graham “who?” Manou as a former test cricketer when he only played one test match is a little insulting to Allan Border IMO. Despite the prize on offer fluff alert!

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