Housos get stuck into Foxtel

In an episode called "Foxtel," Paul Fenech's knockabout comedy sees some shady deals with dodgy Pay TV boxes.

In the last few weeks Paul Fenech’s knockabout comedy Housos had a pretty cheeky storyline about smuggling steroids in a boogie board bag into Thailand … never far away from controversy….

Tonight the action is closer to home, but in an episode called “Foxtel” there are some shady deals going down in Pay TV.

The Sunnyvale Assassins are selling dodgy pay TV boxes, Shazza and Kylie want one desperately so they force Dazza and Franky to get jobs. After a string of failed money making attempts the Housos find out how hard real work can be. Franky decides he would sell his cousin to get hold of free Foxtel. And so he does.

10pm Monday on SBS ONE.

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