Molly progressing but still not conscious

Several media stories today noting that Molly has opened his eyes indicate some progress on his condition.

Seven has since issued a clarification via this Press Release:

Mark Klemens, agent for Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, has confirmed that Molly has shown some limited but encouraging signs of progress in his recovery.

Under instructions from a nurse, Molly was able to open his eyes briefly during the night as his level of sedation was gradually decreased. He has also opened his eyes on several other occasions today, albeit very briefly.

However Molly has not regained consciousness and is still listed as being in a critical but stable condition at The Alfred Hospital.

Doctors and his family are encouraged by the progress but have warned it is still very early days in his recovery.

“Obviously this gives us hope and we retain a sense of cautious optimism but he still has a very long road ahead,” Mr Klemens said.

Molly Meldrum suffered a fractured skull, punctured lung and fractured clavicle, ribs and vertebrae after falling at his home last Thursday. He also has brain bruising.


UPDATE Thurs 11:30am:

Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum’s condition has been downgraded overnight from critical to serious but stable.

It is expected he will undergo surgery this week for injuries sustained to his chest and shoulder when he fell at his home last Thursday

Molly is still being assisted by a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit at the Alfred Hospital, and doctors expect to reduce his sedation over the next few days.


  1. hopefully within the next few days there will be some even better news on Molly.It’s great he has opened his eyes thing that i thought about is that even if he does wake up,he might be brain damaged.I haven’t read any stories mentioning that possibility,and i am no doctor,so hopefully he will make a full recovery.I think that with all the love and support he has from family,friends and fans,he’ll get through anything 🙂

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