Returning: The Glades

Season Two of US crime seriesĀ The Glades, featuring Aussie Matt Passmore, begins at 8:30pm tonight on W.

W will also screen the series commercial free on Sunday nights.

The first season is currently airing on TEN.

In the second season of The Glades, Australian actor Matt Passmore returns as the attractive, brilliant yet hard to get along with homicide detective Jim Longworth. While trying to sort out his more than complicated love life, Jim will be faced with Cuban mobsters, poisonous snakes and a community populated with the descendants of human-sideshow oddities. Cast: Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, Michelle Hurd.


  1. Melissa Sweeney

    Miss a couple of days of reading Tv Tonight and look what happens, I miss the first ep. Oh wait, pay tv will play it for me again and again. yay!

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