Axed: Satisfaction


US drama Satisfaction, starring Aussie Matt Passmore, has been axed after 2 seasons.

The series about a couple whose marriage detours into the world of escorts, is the second starring vehicle for Passmore, following The Glades.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the news is no real surprise after it was quietly moved to Friday nights for its second season.

Executive Producer Sean Jablonski (Suits, Nip / Tuck) has recently signed a deal with Netflix as exec producer and co-showrunner on upcoming drama Gypsy.

Season 2 is currently airing in Australia on Showcase.


  1. That’s not a surprise. S1 just dragged out Grace not knowing that Neil knew she had hired Simon to sleep with, with a lot of pretentious nonsense about saving relationships by destroying them and an irrelevant Teenage daughter subplot as bad as Homeland S1 or early 24. I got bored a few eps in. I checked out S2 and it had become Day of Lives with merchant bankers, swingers and prostitutes.

    It was fairly clear that they neither expected or wanted a S3. Jablonski wanting to go to Netflix explains a lot.

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