Sarah Murdoch’s exit keeps them guessing

Media speculation on the future role for Sarah Murdoch sees her now being floated as a possible replacement for Carrie Bickmore on The 7pm Project, with Bickmore previously being touted as the new female co-host of Breakfast.

But both moves would require long-term relocations for the Sydney and Melbourne ladies -making that outcome a long shot.

Yesterday Majella Wiemers, executive producer of Breakfast, denied Murdoch was on a shortlist while a TEN spokesperson told News Limited, “There are no plans for Sarah to join Network TEN at this time.”

The words “at this time” are crucial here with a TEN spokesperson last year also denying Video Hits was set to go, Sports Tonight was to end its bulletins and insisting that a role was being sought for Deborah Knight. It all depends what is confirmed at the time the question is asked….

Meanwhile the names in contention for Australia’s Next Top Model rule out Jennifer Hawkins who has already turned it down due to other commitments, and whose Myer deal clashes with the show’s David Jones sponsorship. That would leave Megan Gale as a front-runner, even though she is host of Project Runway Australia.

Miranda Kerr is said to be high on the list, followed by Britain’s Next Top Model host Elle Macpherson and an outsider, model Nicole Trunfio.

Charlotte Dawson will remain as a judge alongside Alex Perry.


  1. Whether its breakfast or the project… if sarah gets a gig on either what does she say next time her father in laws company is hauled over the coals? can she be impartial?

  2. Surely they can get Elle for ANTM. She does a good job on what little I saw of the UK version. And obviously has ties here.

    @Folks, “housewives” hate “smug” Jacinta Tynan, so think again on that one.

  3. i cant believe that the press haven’t crucified this woman over her disasterous ANTM result reveal last year. instead, she continues to be promoted as a holier than thou supermum who works her butt offf for charity.
    some of that is true, but what is also true is that she was largely to blame for the fiasco that was the finale, and then blames/sacks the production company, had the brilliant EP sacked and left a trail of damage in her wake. and all that with virtually zero TV experience.
    just coz of her family connections, and friends in the right places…
    makes me sick

  4. You just need to look at the absolute disaster of ITV’s Daybreak in the UK to see that Ten needs to get this show pitch perfect. As was obvious on day one, Daybreak’s fatal mistake was having a hot young thing (ironically, she was recruited from the UK’s version of “The Project”) and a boring old guy host. She was far too tanned, glam and young for the role – British housewives simply didn’t relate to her.

    Ten needs a woman with strong journalistic credentials who can effortlessly handle Paul Henry and the doctor – she also can not be too perfect, gorgeous, annoying, off-putting, irritating. Ten needs to be really really smart on this one – and smart decisions are not something they are noted for recently. My votes go to Kellie Connolly, Gorgi Coghlan, Jacinta Tynan, Sarah Harris.

  5. Carrie Bickmore said in a TV Week interview last week that she had no intention of moving to Sydney or leaving The Project. She doesn’t know why there was ever any speculation or where the newspaper got the story because it was completely untrue.

  6. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    Sarah would be a terrible choice of co host. She filled in a few years ago as co host of today and was shocking. Unless she has improved dramatically since then.

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