Carriageworks site in administration

Site used for numerous TV productions & media launches was placed into administration yesterday

Redfern Arts site Carriageworks which has been used for numerous television productions and media launches was placed into administration yesterday.

The Media Arts & Entertainment Alliance has called on the NSW govt to rescue the performance and exhibition space.

MEAA Chief Executive Paul Murphy said, “Carriageworks appears to have fallen into administration because the NSW Government didn’t lift a finger to sustain its operations through a once-in-a-lifetime threat.

“It’s a special kind of ignorance and indifference that allows this kind of thing to happen. The great fear is that as the NSW government remains paralysed, other arts institutions will follow Carriageworks into administration.

“The arts sector in NSW is on its knees pleading for support from the state government. It should start by stepping in to rescue Carriageworks.”

Carriageworks has stood down all its casual staff and half of its permanent workforce during COVID-19 after cancelling all upcoming events.

The site located close to Seven West Media’s headquarters in Eveleigh has been used for productions including Australia’s Next Top Model, Look Me in the Eye, Cleverman, ASTRA Awards, The Face Australia, The People Speak, So You Think You Can Dance and numerous promos.

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  1. Such a rotten shame….it was such a thriving place…now?
    Will it be left to run down…or be pulled down for yet more office/apartment buildings….
    Not good…spaces like this are needed….and are few……this is irreplaceable.

    1. Nothing is irreplaceable to these rulers. If they can demolish St George’s Terrace and Willow Grove at Parramatta in order to grab the Powerhouse site, as well as demolish The Royal Oak Hotel (Parramatta) for the light rail, what chance does an old workshop stand.

      1. I agree. History doesn’t mean a lot to some state governments, obviously. I read about The Royal Oak established in 1813 or thereabouts, when Australia was a relatively small population – what a tragedy for it to be bulldozed for a railway track

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