The Waltons reunite

Cast members of The Waltons reunited on the NBC Today Show this week, bringing back sentimental memories of a grand television family.

On hand were Kami Cotler (Elizabeth), Jon Walmsley (Jason), David Harper (Jim Bob), Eric Scott (Ben), Michael Learned (Olivia, aka “Ma”), Richard Thomas (John-Boy), Judy Norton (Mary Ellen), Mary Elizabeth McDonough (Erin).

The series ran for over 200 episodes from 1971-1981 series ended, and there were seven TV movies.

While the lingering memory of the period drama was always about family strength in the face of adversity, Michael Learned says the show dealt with some challenging issues, and wasn’t always sweetness and light.

“That annoys me,” she told Today‘s Matt Lauer. “In the beginning it was not (too sweet); toward the end it got a little … fell in love with itself. But toward the beginning we were dealing with book burning in Germany, we were dealing with the Dust Bowl cousins … some real issues, as well as the warmth of the family.”

Richard Thomas even admitted he has no problem with forever hearing the words, “Night John Boy!” wherever he goes.

You can see the clip at MSNBC


  1. I watched this and thought they seemed like a great bunch and had genuine affection for each other. I had the same impression of The Waltons honestly as I haven’t watched it so it was interesting to see the topics they dealt with.

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