Airdate: From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means

SBS screens Charley Boorman's trek from from Sydney to Tokyo using local forms of transport.

Charley Boorman (Long Way Round, Race to Dakar, Long Way Down) fans should turn their attention to SBS from next week as it plays the first series of By Any Means, as he travels across 24 countries, using 112 modes of transport

Boorman attempts to travel north from Sydney up the Pacific Rim to Tokyo, using local knowledge and local forms of transport.

This six-part documentary series has already aired on Pay TV. Boorman spoke to TV Tonight about the adventure in 2010.

From Australia, to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and finally Japan, Charley experiences the contrast between traditional and ultra-modern forms of transport.

Throughout his travels, Boorman seeks out the unique stories and characters each place has to offer.

This epic journey aptly displays the wealth of culture and variety that can be encountered along the route, while Charley Boorman’s relaxed style and quick humour ensures that there are plenty of laughs along the way.

Episode One: Australia
The first leg of his adventure finds Charley leaving Sydney in his usual style – on a motorbike. With a huge biker convoy in tow, he begins his travels, heading up the east coast of Australia. He then hitchhikes up to Byron Bay and experiences life with the Royal Flying doctors as they visit their Aboriginal outback clinics.

Along the way, Charley meets all sorts of unique characters, travels in a replica Spitfire, and tries his hand at cattle mustering on horseback, before flying from up the Cape York peninsular on a Marine Survey plane and carrying on to Papua New Guinea.

Always heading North with Tokyo in sight, Charley gets a feel for the true Australia, meets the locals and tells their stories in his endearing and jovial way.

Wednesday, 11th January, 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

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