Altiyan Childs splits with Sony, disses Ronan Keating.

2010 X Factor champion Altiyan Childs has split from Sony Music.

The latest chapter in a troubled music career follows him pleading guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of drugs.

A Sony spokesperson told News Limited, “He wanted to move in another direction and the decision was mutual. We wish him all the best.”

Yesterday he told Austereo’s Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, “I had fun. I’ll probably do it again in three months”.

He also hit out at X Factor mentor Ronan Keating.

“As soon as it got a little negative, he chose his mind over his heart, his reputation was much too important for him and god love him for it, he did what he was supposed to do,” Childs said.

“I had fans sending me money through the mail…my supposed mentor just never called, never gave a damn, never offered to help me out in any way.”

On his Facebook page he also announced a book to follow:

“i want you to be the first to know that my relationship with Sony Music has ended. i would like to now announce that my book, “Altiyan & Goliath” will soon be released. There i will finally share with you my deepest truths, and shed my skin. the new album, “TwentyTwelve”, is to follow.”

Childs is currently managing his own career.


  1. @Dan and Beckala – Sure Ronan’s responsibility ended when Altiyan won but Ronan did say during the show lines like he would get him signed if he doesn’t win. Watching the series Altiyan was on it seemed that they became really close with one another. So to think all ties were cut would definitely be a surprise.

    Also I don’t know about everyone else but Guy is keeping in regular contact with Reece and Johnny who he mentored last and seems to also keep in contact with Luke & Joel somewhat too ( at least occasionally via twitter anyway).

  2. Talk about biting the hand he once ate out of.

    All he has achieved is winning a talent contest on tv, now he thinks he can manage his own ‘music career’….this guys is delusional.

  3. Translation: “He refused to record the cover versions and/or cheesy pre-chosen pop songs that we ordered him to, the tweens that voted for him now consider him poison and credible music buyers don’t want to know about him because of his media image, so we decided that he didn’t want to be on our label any more. He surely would have decided that as well, but we just have to assume that because we’re not returning his manager’s calls any longer.”

  4. Whatever talent he had is overshadowed by him acting like a whiny douche.

    Way to bite the hand that feeds you Altiyan – have fun writing your tell-all ‘book’.

  5. @Dan: I thought Ronan was his mentor on the show and not his mentor for the rest of his life!

    I completely agree – I actually had that thought when I’ve read nearly every sob story woe is me interview he does. He’s a grown man. The world does not owe you a favour! You received an amazing advantage, but it’s up to you to do the work. Go back to the cave so we don’t have to see you anymore…

  6. I dont know why anyone really cares about him. Thankfully Sony no longer do.He really wasn’t the best talent in my opinion anyway. I thought Sally Chatfield was a much better singer. Heres hoping he fades off into the sunset never to be heard of again.

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