Belinda Heggen stays with TEN News, but….

News Limited reports on speculation about the future of TEN’s Adelaide news presenters Rebecca Morse and Belinda Heggen.

Heggen, for those outside of Adelaide, made news herself last year with her deadpan on-air line to a sports presenter about the supposed size of his manhood.

She is currently on leave but while there are rumours about her future a TEN spokesperson said she is still very much an employee and will continue to work in the Adelaide newsroom.

However, when quizzed by the newspaper the spokeswoman “stopped short at commenting about what capacity Belinda will be working in when she returns from leave in a week’s time.”

Might be time for another headlining moment?


  1. @Peter

    Nothing ignorant about it. I’ve been to Adelaide twice in the past year and have seen her reading the News (so I have taken a look) and Belinda has a natural chemistry and charisma on screen. Half the Adelaide bulletin seems to have Sydney based reports anyway.

    Truth is most of TEN’s News resources are based in Sydney after a recent downsize. In addition to that, most media careers seeking a promotion require a move to either Sydney or Melbourne anyway. Why are you so sensitive?? That’s the real question here 🙁

  2. and why is she “wasted” in adelaide steve steve? ffs, there is more life outside of sydney… take a look at some stage, and stop being so typically ignorant 🙁

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