Kathryn Robinson joins TEN’s Breakfast

TEN has confirmed news presenter Kathryn Robinson (pictured, right) will join its new line-up for its 2012 early-morning programme, Breakfast.

Robinson, who had been rumoured to be in line for the role, will join New Zealand presenter Paul Henry and Andrew Rochford.

Network TEN’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery says “The chemistry between these four personalities is exactly what we are after for Breakfast. It was obvious from the beginning of auditions that they have a dynamic with a difference; unpredictable but the perfect start to the day.”

Robinson’s news career at TEN includes live news, last year’s Royal Wedding, the Delhi Commonwealth Games and The Project. The mother of two also holds a masters in journalism.

“I’m thrilled to join Paul and Andrew at the Breakfast table. TEN is committed to offering our viewers a fresh start to the day and I’m delighted to be involved. Thankfully I’m familiar with early mornings; I’ll need to be on the ball to keep these two in check!” she said.

TEN also announces meteorologist Magdalena Roze (pictured, left) will be the show’s resident weather expert and the fourth member of the morning team. Roze has been presenting on weekend News and has previous roles with roles at The Weather Channel and National Geographic. A self-proclaimed ‘weather nerd,’ she has a degree in Atmospheric Science, and won both the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Prize and the Biophysical Environments Prize.

“I’ve had such a fantastic journey at TEN so far and now I’m really excited to enter brand new territory with Breakfast. I live and breathe the weather and, while Paul Henry doesn’t believe me yet, in a country as large and diverse as Australia, there is some kind of extraordinary weather event happening in some part of the nation every day!” said Rose.

TEN is yet to announce a start date for Breakfast.


  1. Wow – I’m surprised there’s so many negative comments. Give the show a go!!!! Noone yet knows how the chemistry is going to work between this lot, but personally I think Kathryn and Paul will be a great match. She has the intelligence and humour to bounce off Paul, and to keep him in check! I reckon this team could bring a quirkyness and some proper grown up humour to our screens as well as serious news stories. If you want to look behind Paul’s facade have a look at everyhorizon.com/paul.html
    I just really hope Ten give this more of a chance than they did to George Negus. We loved his show – completely different to the trashy ACA and TT, and they axed it!

  2. Defending Carrie “Blackmore”. Funny.
    Anyway there doesn’t appear to be enough points of diiference at this early stage to differentiate this new breakfast offering from its more established (and very lame) commercial rivals.
    Three people sitting around on a couch, the earnest celebrity doctor, the journo and the wacky kiwi chatting about the latest youtube sensation and then crossing to the news desk and the hot weather chick. Seems very 80s.

  3. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    @ goonies. Hey Just thought you might want to know. Blackmore does have a journalistic background. She read news on nova in Melbourne before moving to tv on rove.

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