One Plus One: Matt Smith

Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith spoke to ABC News 24’s Rachael Brown in London for One Plus One.

Smith talks about his life as a Time Lord, and what he fears even more than Daleks. Typecasting, perhaps?

It’s one of the best roles in the history of British Television.

Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi series on TV, and has been sold to more than 50 countries.

The current reincarnation of the doctor, actor Matt Smith, had only two minor TV dramas under his belt when he won the coveted role.

But he’s found his groove as he takes Doctor Who towards its 50th birthday.

One Plus One airs at ABC1 today at 11.30am and is repeated on ABC24 at 8.30pm. The interview will also be available on the program’s website later.


  1. Because of daylight saving this ended up being shown on ABC24 at the same time as Doctor Who was on ABC2 here in Queensland. Hopefully they will replay it again at some time.

  2. Thanks David, I never would have noticed that without you. Wish they’d played a bit more of it – want to hear what else he went on to say about spiders! Guess we won’t be seeing him on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ anytime soon

  3. Update 20 January 2012:

    The ABC has now made its Matt Smith interview available on the ABC website (Smith’s interview starts around 17 minutes, 48 seconds). During a wide-ranging interview, Matt Smith speaks of the recent discovery of the missing 1960s episodes, his desire to film an episode in Australia (including possible Australian themed Doctor Who monsters, such as a “sand monster in the outback or giant mutated spiders”), the design of his costume, his interpretation of the role, time travel, and his career ambitions after Doctor Who.


  4. Thanks David. 🙂

    I wondered if it was in London the second time I saw the ad ‘cos I noticed the stuff behind him. By the way the Young Talent Time story has run away bold going on.

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