US choreographer becomes next YTT judge

US choreographer Chucky Klapow has been announced as the second resident judge for TEN's rebooted Young Talent Time.

US choreographer Chucky Klapow has been announced as the second resident judge for TEN’s rebooted Young Talent Time.

Klapow will join Tina Arena as a mentor and judge, with a third position to feature guest judges.

Filipino-American Klapow won an Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Choreography’ for High School Musical 2 along with along with Kenny Ortega and Bonnie Story. His career began at the age of 12, dancing in Paula Abdul’s music video “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. He has performed alongside Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Salt n’ Pepa, and Patti LaBelle, and judged both So You Think You Can Dance [US] and Don’t Stop Believin’ [UK].

Young Talent Time has such a heritage in Australia, and I’m really thrilled to be a part of the season,” said Klapow. “I’ve been watching auditions and I’m seeing some of the cast via YouTube and the talent looks immense, inspiring and extremely promising.

“Australia is filled with a real depth of young, talented performers and I’m looking forward to working with them and helping them grow.”

Klapow will relocate to Sydney for his role.

Young Talent Time is produced by Network TEN and Granada Media Australia and will launch on Sunday January 22nd.

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  1. Will tune into seeing how this goes but I had so hoped they were going to do it in the same studios they did it last time and we’re bringing back that dog character (Waldo was it?) too.

  2. steve of Sydney err…. Yes, I would congratulate an Australian – because that’s the whole point! I want Australians to get roles, so yes, here or overseas would be great. This is slightly different from the casting of Dannii, Simon Cowell etc – they have international profiles.

  3. Really looking forward to this show. They appear to be going to really update this show,unlike Hey Hey. Maybe it might even get franchised around the world. Having Klapow gives it a bit of cred. All thes shows around the world get foreign judges. U.S idol have Simon Cowell. UK X Factor had our own Danni Minogue and Britains got Talent even had david Hasslehoff so we all need to get over having an outsider.

  4. Oh come on..

    as if you wouldn’t be congratulating an aussie landing a similar role on an show overseas. Plus perhaps it would do well for the show considering he must excellent contacts back in America that could do guest spots and even help open doors for the kids on the show..

  5. @ muzza & Nik C, he hasn’t been employed as a choreographer, he will be a mentor and judge for the contestant part of the show.

    @ stevie g, The guy can’t help what name he was given

  6. I usually don’t have a problem with outsourcing these kind of roles if it means you get the best person for the job. But who has heard of this guy? if they are going for someone that doesn’t have a public profile they should have gone for an Aussie.
    All seems very last minute. Less than 2 weeks before it is on the air.

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