CJZ to rise from production company merger

Newly-merged group CJZ already has 10 shows in production for the ABC, Foxtel, Nine, SBS & TEN.

The newly merged Zapruder’s Other Films and Cordell Jigsaw will be known as Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder’s (CJZ).

Zapruder’s Andrew Denton and Cordell Jigsaw’s Michael Cordell and Nick Murray have merged their companies to create the biggest privately owned production company in Australia. Their output has included The Gruen Transfer, Go Back to Where You Came From and Bondi Rescue.

CJZ already has 10 shows in production for the ABC, Foxtel, Nine, SBS and TEN for 2012.

The merger will make the group competitive with FremantleMedia Australia, Southern Star and Shine Australia.

Andrew Denton said: “We have long seen ourselves, separately, as local corner shops, up against multinational supermarket chains importing overseas formats by the container-load. Combined, we will have greater strength to continue championing lovingly made, original, Australian television. We remain the fresh food-for-thought people… only bigger.”

Murray said: “This represents a big step for all of us. The combined teams have great complementary skills. We’re all looking forward to mixing the creative talent from each company. The ultimate goal is to have some fun while delivering the best quality ideas to networks and audiences.”

Cordell aded: “We’ve spent years trying to poach their staff and they’ve spent years trying to poach ours. The only sensible thing is to jump in to bed together and see how good the sex is.”

Early highlights for 2012 include:
• the return of Andrew Denton to the screen with the game show Randling for ABC1
• the company’s first telemovie The Great Mint Swindle airs soon on Nine
• the new series Mega Truckers launching Foxtel’s new action channel, A&E
• new kid’s sketch comedy series You’re Skitting Me premieres on ABC3 this month
• new ob/doc series Country Town Rescue on ABC 1

CJZ formats will be managed internationally by Cordell Jigsaw Distribution.

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  1. That’s one powerhouse collaboration – Nick Murray, Michael Cordell, Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby et al makes for a creative treasure trove. A mighty force in future productions.

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