Report: Zapruder’s merges with Cordell Jigsaw

Two production companies have reportedly merged, to take on the big independents.

The Sunday Telegraph reports two production companies have merged.

Zapruder’s Other Films and Cordell Jigsaw have merged.

The decision to bring the two companies together was finalised last week.

Zapruder’s Other Films is helmed by Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby and produces such titles as Gruen Planet, Can of Worms, Randling, Hungry Beast, The Joy of Sets, Country Town Rescue while Cordell Jigsaw, helmed by Michael Cordell and Nick Murray, produces Bondi Rescue, Go Back to Where You Came From, Recruits and Mega Truckers.

A source said it was a strategic move to enhance their capabilities against the “big boys”, Southern Star, FremantleMedia Australia and Shine Australia.

It’s not clear yet what name the new enterprise will acquire or whether they will continue to operate as separate entities.

Update: To be known as Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder’s (CJZ).

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  1. This is a tremendous thing for independent production in Australia. I’ve had the pleasure of working for both of these companies in my career, and they are equally brilliant and enthusiastic about making great television, and seeing great ideas happen. I’m stoked!

  2. Two good production companies joining forces, hopefully they will be able to produce more quality shows like what they are producing now, I would not want them to let their standards slip, we have enough of poor quality shows.
    They are an excellent example of how it should be done.
    I watched Southern Cross’s production of the “Supaloc Classic Adelaide” a good show let down by woeful camera work with stupid angles trying to spice up a show, Really irritating!

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