Returning: Person of Interest

Person of Interest returns to television in just over a week's time.

US drama Person of Interest returns to television in just over a week’s time.

The drama resumes in a new timeslot, 10:30pm Mondays on Nine from Monday February 13.

Reese is dismayed to learn that the next number that the machine dispenses is someone that he respects and admires: Detective Carter.

Harry’s Law is out, but Damages will air at 11:30pm on February 13.

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  1. Folks its Groundhog day again. Ch 9 and others appear to have learned nothing from previous years. Lets face it, legal DVDs are so cheap now and the wait irrelevant if Channels don’t complete showing a series that Amazon et al will boom.

  2. Nine needs a good start to the year to impress the advertisers, so the last-minute program changes will continue. IMO APRA should introduce a 7day ‘no-change-to-schedule’ rule with no TBA’s. Nine would then have a scapegoat, wouldn’t waste valuable screen time telling viewers of changes and have some time to add program details to their EPG.
    Both Nine and TEN are having “Enchore” presentations, I wonder if they’re makegoods?

  3. Seriously can’t figure out the programming department at 9. Typical of them though. When will they learn shows need more than a few weeks to gain an audience. The latest few eps have been awesome.

    Best new show this year imo!

  4. I’m pretty sure Nine do learn from CBS, they basically are CBS…without the ratings. Both are full with the same lowest common denominator shows (2& a half men, tbbt, the mentalist, unforgettable, 2 broke girls, CSI’s and mike and molly. The difference is that americans lap up the drivel to make CBS the runaway winner in ratings almost every week.

  5. Really stupid decision. Haven’t they been watching the rise in US ratings? It’s not like Nine is overflowing with high rating 9.30pm content (most eps were AV15+, so it’s really 9.30 material).

  6. Rediculous timeslot for such an up and coming show, and for Harry’s Law to be bumped once again. Maybe it’s time they took a page from TEN’s book and moved the under-raters to their sister channel (e.g. Blue Bloods, Burn Notice, Psych, etc. all now on One). Nine done this with CSI NY early this year but then when ratings season ended they started it back on Nine where it stopped, even though Gem audiences had watched them all.

  7. Stupid decision by Nein.

    In the US this show has hit season highs to become one of the highest rated dramas airing on Thursday nights on any network, with 15 million viewers and a 3.3 demo rating for its most recent episode.

    It’s a compelling show that has really found it’s groove, and Nein are wasting it in a 10:30 timeslot. Why not give it a go on Tuesday nights at 9:30, or even in place of 2.5 men which got 600k for its most recent episode?

    Imbeciles, what a wasted opportunity.

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